At a convention, I struck up an acquaintanceship with a blonde woman. (Upon waking, I realize that she strongly resembled Lindsey from this season of Top Chef.) We bonded over obscure comic books and TV series. I recall that we were the only people who had been fans, as children, of an obscure animated series called Theseus and the Rainbow, which had a very '80s poster showing Theseus (in a white toga) surrounded by a bunch of flying women, each with their own color-coded power, toga, and hair color.

When we left the convention (by train) she asked me to sit with her. "I wondered what you think about cheating," she said, as we walked to our seats. "You see, I've been married for ages, and I love my wife so much, and I find her so attractive, that I would never be tempted to cheat on her with anyone else."

We sat down across from each other, and I began to explain My Thoughts On Infidelity. But as I did so, I suddenly noticed that she had three eyes: two in the regular places, and one on her forehead, centered and just above the eyebrows. Her black-rimmed glasses had an elegantly arched structure and three lenses, to accommodate the extra eye. All three eyes were bright green and exceptionally beautiful.

Boggled that I had been hanging out with her for days and had failed to notice this, I hastily finished my thoughts on infidelity, and said, "Can I ask you a question, if it isn't too personal? What was it like to grow up with three eyes?"

"Four eyes," she said. "Look."

She opened her mouth wide. A fourth eye was embedded in her lower jaw, facing backward. You could only see the white orb.

"Does it give you any trouble?" I asked. It seemed like it would be relatively easy to have it surgically removed.

She shook her head, and excused herself to go to the bathroom. After she left, I turned to the lady who was sitting next to me. Still obsessed with my failure to notice the third eye, I asked, "Did you notice that the woman I was talking to had three eyes?"

"I did!" she exclaimed. "It was disgusting!"

"Really?" I said. "I thought it was kind of cool."
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It strikes me that your icon is highly appropriate for this dream, both for the obvious reason and because the dream itself has a very Gaiman feel to it.

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The three eye one is familiar to me (I used to see them on some people, which I found highly disconcerting, about 35 years ago) but that fourth one? Wow! What do you make of that? A tie-in to all the physiology part of your studies?

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Did they have any relation that you could figure out to who had them and why?

No idea! I am still pondering this one.

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I don't recall anymore, but it was odd, and quite distracting at times.

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So the fourth eye was looking back into her mouth and throat? I wonder if that's some kind of "Examining words as you speak them" thing. I really like the idea of Theseus and the Rainbow too - I'm picturing a cross between Captain Planet and a sort of glorious 80s action extravaganza.

From: [identity profile]

Yes! It was very Captain Planet. And a bit My Little Pony meets Clash of the Titans.

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I had a dream that managed to be a complex pastiche of different real-life incidents with one friend, a recent awkward interaction with someone else, a makeout dream, AND a bit of a reconciliation dream, I was pretty impressed with myself when I woke up.
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She opened her mouth wide. A fourth eye was embedded in her lower jaw, facing backward. You could only see the white orb.

That's a wonderful image.

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