I got sick of having annoying anxiety dreams about tests, toilets, papers, etc. So before I went to sleep last night, I suggested to myself that should I find myself in any typical anxiety dream situation, I ask myself if I was dreaming...

I became vaguely aware that I might be dreaming. I could see fragments of images, but nothing clear. If I looked carefully, I saw something like a rear view mirror, and blurred images reflected in that. I suggested that it become a real rear-view mirror, so I could see better, and it did. I saw what looked like pink and yellow bubbles. I suggested that an entire car form around the mirror, and it did. I suggested that I be in the driver's seat, and I was.

I started driving. The bubbles were pale pink and yellow balloons, filling the scene. I drove through them, past a party (largely obscured by balloons), and then along a seaside road. Blue and white painted ships with yellow sails packed the ocean and were lined up on the beach.

I passed the ocean, and drove through a series of wrecked, flaming UPS trucks, with packages scattered everywhere. No one seemed injured and the drivers were busy collecting their stuff, so I drove on.

Past that was a landscape of ocean and dry hills, like outside of Santa Barbara. Then I came to a beautiful forest glade carpeted with moss. I parked the car and got out. Some moss was velvety, but some grew in webs and strands, like feathers or cobwebs. I remembered that I was dreaming, and thought I was about to wake up. I grabbed a handful of feathery moss, convinced that if I held it tight enough, I could bring it back with me into the waking world. As I slid back to wakefulness and my bed, I held as tight as I could...

I woke up with my hand clenched in a fist, and a feathery imprint on my palm beautiful images imprinted on my mind.
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From: [personal profile] oyceter

Oh that's really cool! And coincidentally, just listened to a Radiolab short about lucid dreaming last night.

From: [personal profile] lilmoka

That's really cool, thanks for sharing! *w*
rosefox: A man's head with a panel open to show gears, and another man looking inside. (examined head)

From: [personal profile] rosefox

Oh, I'm so jealous! The one time I tried lucid dreaming, my subconscious fought back. I haven't been brave enough to try it again.

From: [identity profile] writingpathways.livejournal.com

I once in a dream turned an unwelcome visitor in the dream into a potted plant. I yelled go away and they turned into the plant. Cracked me up in the dream.

I tend to rarely not realize I am dreaming, at someone in a dream I usually figure it out, it's rare that I will wake up at some point and go, oh thank goodness that wasn't real.

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From: [identity profile] badgerbag.livejournal.com

That's so beautiful!

I love lucid dreaming. It has do-overs!

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