I am often underwhelmed by things fandom goes berserk over, but that was very, very enjoyable.

I expected to love Black Widow. Especially since several people, including my father, emailed me specifically to say, "Go see The Avengers. You'll love Black Widow." But I had not expected to love the Hulk, whom I had previously found quite boring. (In comics. I haven't seen any of the Hulk movies.)

Also, and this is largely due to his camaraderie with Black Widow, but I thought Hawkeye was the hottest of the men in the movie. I do love a man with a long-range weapon.

Feel free to put spoilers in comments.

PS. Regarding previews, Brave looks surprisingly good. Tim Burton is finally releasing Frankenweenie! And Sasha Baron Cohen continues to be anti-funny.
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