All I remember about this one was someone solemnly telling me, regarding some important person, "We call him 'the Jung of Irøn Lüng.'" The latter was not a reference to medical equipment, but a place name or possibly a title.

My subconscious may be snarking about the high proportion of untranslated, "foreign" words in Jung's The Pyschology of the Transference via what I presume are the completely nonsensical diacriticals in "Irøn Lüng."
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From: [personal profile] roadrunnertwice

I think I speak for everyone when I say: when are Jung of Irøn Lüng playing their first gig?
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From: [personal profile] movingfinger

Missing ; in your html markup.

One of the best things I ever took away from a dream was a mineral called pombic pluterstone (or possibly plutostone, which is more rational, linguistically).
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Irøn Lüng are *so* a death metal band.
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I think of Monty Python and their møøse credits.

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