Pretty, isn't it? Could someone iconize it for me?


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Check your in box! (And yes, it is a **gorgeous** cover)
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In addition to being extremely talented, he was also very amenable to suggestions/comments. A+, would recommend him to anyone.
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That makes it look extremely real. I am very much looking forward to it.


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Yeah, but I'm hoping the blurb will be changed before I link people to it. In addition to the typo, a number of elements are factually wrong.

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It's speculative fiction AND it's the best speculative fiction! Also...

1. In fact, there IS electricity after the apocalypse.

2. The apocalypse happened hundreds of years ago, not decades.

3. The phrase "pure blood" is never used in the novel, and isn't really a concept in it.

4. Las Anclas is Los Angeles, not all of Southern California.

5. Las Anclas is a town, not a city.

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I'm surprised they didn't ask you guys to write it.

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First one is the actual cover, reduced to fit LJ's 100 pixel limit, and the other two are slightly cropped to make the internal image bigger:

straight reduction

crop 1

crop 2
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I love how the title is integrated into the architecture/art!

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