The post-apocalyptic novel Sherwood Smith and I wrote, Stranger, is finally out! It's the "Yes Gay YA" book. But you could just as easily call it "The one with the telekinetic squirrels," or "The X-Men in the post-apocalyptic Wild West," or "The one where the sheriff is super-strong, the doctor can speed up time, and the plant life is out to get you."

Kirkus gave it a starred review, calling it " afirst-rate page turner that leaves its own compelling afterimage."

Other points of possible interest: Psychic powers. Luscious food descriptions. Detailed world-building. Hurt-comfort- lots of hurt-comfort. Thrilling battle sequences. Cute animals. Killer crystal trees. Romance in every configuration: gay, straight, lesbian, and poly. Illusion-casting rabbits. Flying cats. And, of course, telekinetic squirrels.

It had a publicity budget of literally $0, so anything you feel like doing to spread the word would be great.

On Kindle: Stranger

Barnes and Noble.



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jinian: (birdsquee)

From: [personal profile] jinian

YAY it is about time it came out, and I bought it just now. Will make sure to tweet while reading.
lab: (Default)

From: [personal profile] lab

Congratulations! Have acquired and will probably read/review this weekend!
kate_nepveu: sleeping cat carved in brown wood (Default)

From: [personal profile] kate_nepveu

I didn't realize it was a Thursday release! But B&N delivered our pre-ordered ebook today and all is well.
ruthi: a photograph of a dormouse eating a berry (dormouse)

From: [personal profile] ruthi

I have just ordered the book from my friendly local indie book-shop. Via twitter :)

I didn't know it had telekinetic squirrels! And Illusion-casting rabbits. Now I am looking to it more forward than ever.
laurashapiro: a woman sits at a kitchen table reading a book, cup of tea in hand. Table has a sliced apple and teapot. A cat looks on. (Default)

From: [personal profile] laurashapiro

I pre-ordered from my local bookstore -- can't wait to pick up my copy this week! \o/
rmc28: Rachel smiling against background of trees, with newly-cut short hair (Default)

From: [personal profile] rmc28

I had forgotten it was due out, and that I'd preordered it, so I had a lovely surprise delivery email in my inbox yesterday.

Several chapters in, loving it.

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kore: (Default)

From: [personal profile] kore

YAY! That is awesome!

It had a publicity budget of literally $0

(urgh, really? Wow.)
badgerbag: (Default)

From: [personal profile] badgerbag

Oh I'm so ready to read this :)

From: [identity profile]

I've been looking forward. And right from the start, it has that sense of wonder that so many near-future books lack: what is it with those trees?

I'm hooked.

<shuffles files on phone to make space to download >

From: [identity profile]

AHAHAHA i was rereading and i literally thought, like, WAIT I DIDN'T NOTICE THE CAT FLIED THE FIRST TIME. flying cats! making an awesome book even awesomer :D
melebeth: (Default)

From: [personal profile] melebeth

I was very excited to get the notification that it had shipped. :-)

From: [identity profile]

***So*** much of this I don't remember from looking over the healing angel's shoulder when he was beta reading what? like five years ago? I am really excited to read the final version!

Will spread the word.

From: [identity profile]

Thank you! We got no publicity whatever until a month or so ago, when it was effectively too late, and Rachel had to work hard at it to get that little bit. So any signal boost people feel like doing will help.

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From: [identity profile] - Date: 2014-11-13 05:35 pm (UTC) - Expand

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From: [identity profile] - Date: 2014-11-13 09:00 pm (UTC) - Expand

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From: [identity profile] - Date: 2014-11-13 11:36 pm (UTC) - Expand

From: [identity profile]

By the way, I notice a fair amount of love online for Felicité, whom I know was one of the healing angel's faves.

From: [identity profile]

Your editor is enthusiastically making sure the Norton Award Jury is getting copies, just so you know. She says we'll love it. :)
ext_6284: Estara Swanberg, made by Thao (Default)

From: [identity profile]

Happy bookday! Got it at Kobo, when Sartorias posted the out-now info ^^.
ext_27060: Sumer is icomen in; llude sing cucu! (Default)

From: [identity profile]

I'm calling the local bookstore later this afternoon.

From: [identity profile]

That sounds awesome! Looking forward to reading it.

From: [identity profile]

YYYYYAAAAAA!!!! I know 2 pro writers now!

It's on iTunes!!!! Soon as I get my MacBook back; the 1T harddrive fried itself last week; I should be able to get it back tomorrow. Meantime, I'm gonna go to B&N to see if they have it. This sound awesome!
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