I am home sick AGAIN. I am taking Naomi's advice to prophylactically use the steroid inhaler from when I was sick for two months with bronchitis, in the hope of avoiding that happening again.

However, in between being sick, I recently managed to go hiking in Malibu and go to an exchange party where everyone brings things they don't want any more and takes what they want. I obtained three gorgeous dresses, one silk, and two skirts. The skirts are not shown as I went to the party in a dress, so I had nothing to wear on top.

Cut for pretty pictures.

Sky rays 1

Sky rays 3

Early evening, at an ordinary parking lot. It looked like the war in heaven, as if some angelic cannon had blown two holes in the sky. People were stopping and staring. I couldn't get the entire view, but the light rays went all the way across the sky and were as sharp as if they'd been cut with a razor.

Malibu hills 1

Malibu shore

Some friends and I went hiking in Malibu, also in early evening.

Witch brew sunset

We watched the sun set and drank a bottle each of Witches Brew that one friend had bought in the Black Forest. We must all be witches, because none of us were hung over the next morning.

And then there's my precious new dresses.

Delft dress front

Delft dress side

I love this dress. It looks just like blue and white Chinese or Delft porcelain. No tags, so I don't know where it comes from. It looks a bit Betsey Johnson-ish.

Paisley dress side

Paisley dress full

This is a silk dress from Miss Me.

Black dress front

Black dress back

Black dress side

Isn't that gorgeous? (Yes, it needs a skirt-slip or stockings, and a cup-only bra.) I need to put on the correct undergarments and find somewhere to wear it to.
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