I've spent the last few days in my parents' place in Mariposa, which is near Yosemite. Pretty photos under cut. If you've read Laura's Wolf, the setting is my parents' property.

Mariposa shadow dog

Me, my Dad, his dog Heidi, and a furled umbrella, overlooking his koi pond. We were feeding the koi, which are unfortunately not very visible due to their tendency to stir up the mud on the bottom.

Mariposa koi pond

Wider view of the koi pond.

Mariposa sunny hills

Hills at sunset.

Mariposa striped field

Golden light on a slope.

From: [identity profile] asakiyume.livejournal.com

The hills at sunset could be made of beaten copper!

And I love how all the lily pads huddle together in the center of the pool :-)

From: [identity profile] anglerfish07.livejournal.com

So beautiful and peaceful... thanks for sharing these lovely photos! :)

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