TA-DA! Mated to the Meerkat

Meerkat Final large

Curvy reporter Jasmine Jones is thrilled when she’s hired to investigate the charismatic but sinister lawyer campaigning for mayor of Los Angeles. It could make her career, but there’s a catch. She has to partner with Chance Marcotte, the annoying (and annoyingly hot) paparazzi with a history of popping up unexpectedly and ruining her scoops.

But when they’re supposed to meet for a stakeout, Chance never shows up. Instead, an adorable, injured meerkat scurries out of the bushes and collapses at her feet. A sucker for cute little animals, Jasmine takes him home to tend his wounds. The next morning, she gets the surprise of a lifetime when she awakens to find an unclothed and bandaged Chance.

Can an ambitious reporter and a curious meerkat shifter stop bickering for long enough to defeat a law firm of evil cobra shifters, get the scoop, find their happily ever after, and have lots of hot sex? (Spoiler: the hot sex is a definite yes.)

A screwball comedy novelette by the author of the "Werewolf Marines" series.

This story is exactly as serious as it looks. I had lots of fun writing it. I hope, if you read it, that it brightens your day. Email me if you'd like an epub.
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