In honor of the upcoming release of Rebel (Book 3).

Ask me anything about the series, the characters, the world, etc. Sherwood will be popping in too!

This post allows spoilers for Stranger but not Hostage. There is a spoilery post which allows spoilers for both books that are out now.

Ask questions here in this post!
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Did Hostage ever come out in hard copy? Will Rebel be available in print? I received a print copy of Stranger as a gift a few years back, but since I have a thing about keeping series in the same format (paperback, hardcover, nook, kindle, google books, etc), I haven't picked up Hostage, since the first I heard of it, someone told me it was available in ebook format only. I'd rather have the whole series in print than ebook, although I'm willing to re-buy Stranger in e-format if I can't get the others in print.
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From: [personal profile] laurashapiro

Oh, I'm so glad to know Hostage is out in paper! ::puts on list::
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From: [personal profile] nenya_kanadka

I suddenly know what I want for my next paper book purchase!

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