The orgy poll was inspired by reading this fantastic Gundam Wing story, Drift, which has the distinction of being the only orgy story I've ever liked: sweet, hot, plausible, and very very funny. No series spoilers, but as the humor is all character-based, I don't know if it would work if you don't know the series.

Torch's other stories are here. The long stories in "Theory of Flight," and the excellent (not PWP) sex scene outtakes from them in "Theory of Fiction" are quiet, atmospheric, and very well-written. They're spoilery through about episode 16. Of the stand-alone stories, "Winterlong" is a bit sentimental but nice (vaguely spoilery for the end of the series), and "Drift" is excellent. I don't really recommend the others.

I wrote a story about Trowa, Heero, and the relationship between mechanic and machine, Connection. 1700 words, rated G. SPOILERY through episode 21. Part II in the possibly continuing series, "A Boy Loves His Gundam."

[ profile] snarp has posted scans from a hilarious doujinshi featuring teeny shinigami Duo and suicidal Heero-- a match made in Heaven! Spoilery for episode 25, don't read if you're not there yet. Please go help her if you speak Japanese, she's not sure of some dialogue that I bet is really funny.

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