This is the sort of story where one can quite honestly write, "I forgot to mention that Heaven and Hell collided some volumes back."

It also features this exchange, which I believe can be appreciated out of context, and is probably the only time in the entire series when I liked Rosiel:

Sandalphon (creepy): Once I have my own body... I will devour you! I'll devour you all!

Rosiel (deadpan): Well, I'll look forward to that, Sandalphon.

Volume 15: I forgot to mention that in the previous volume, Setsuna lost one wing and an eye. Since this is manga, I am never surprised when someone loses an eye. (If it’s a CLAMP manga, I’m surprised when someone doesn’t.) The beautifully wounded Setsuna is locked in a cage… let me just stop to savor that sentence, so emblematic of the series… but is released by a female robot. I forget who she is. He then teams up with Michael (Lucifer’s little brother, who naturally has a brother complex like whoa) to rescue Sara. Again. But because Setsuna got bitten in the eye by Rosiel (or something like that), his eyeball poison enables him to see what Rosiel sees, which is that…

Sevothtarte has put Sara on trial for incest. Unfortunately, she is drugged by Raphael in collusion with Sevothtarte so that she becomes mute and can’t defend herself. Raphael claims that Sara is pregnant by Setsuna. (Not true, he just said it to prove the incest.) Anyway, Raphael relents and kisses her to remove the poison. Sara proceeds to publicly defend her incestuous love and give Heaven and Sevothtarte what-for. Go Sara! Then Uriel shows up and publicly proves that Sevothtarte is an imposter. He/she has a nervous breakdown.

Meanwhile, female angel Barbiel begins kicking ass and taking names. She continues to do so for the rest of the series. Go Barbiel!

Meanwhile, the angelic kidlet Metatron sneaks into the evil lab and releases his twin Sandalphon, who turns out to be a gigantic rotting flying zombie fetus head. With a mommy complex.

Volume 16: I forgot to mention that Heaven and Hell collided some volumes back. Literally. It’s all very apocalyptic and confusing. Lailah nee Sevothtarte is attacked by Sandalphon, the flying fetal zombie eyeball-head. Sandalphon plots to impregnate Lailah with himself and make her give birth to him. Unsurprisingly, she cradles someone’s decapitated head, I forget whose, and then jumps out a window. Sandalphon decides to impregnate Sara instead. Pregnancy: never good news!

Lucifer appears in a bizarre Darth Vader/Edward Scissorhands outfit. (The author’s note mentions watching the latter movie and being inspired.) He randomly kills lots of people. Rosiel claims that Lucifer is his slave because he has some magic Lucifer-enslaving crystal. I do not believe this for a second. Come on, it’s Lucifer! Obviously he’s just playing along for reasons of his own. Also, he stabs Katou, but fails to kill him. My feeling is that if Lucifer wanted to kill him, Katou would be dead. More dead.

Volume 17: This volume has lots of Lucifer and Lucifer’s black feathers, so I’m happy. Though I still miss Kira. Sandalphon impersonates Setsuna and bewitches Sara into a psychotic state. He has acquired lots of new eyeballs somewhere along the way. Lucifer kills Metatron because that will also kill Sandalphon. He and Setsuna fight. Like myself, Setsuna cannot believe that there isn’t still some Kira left in Lucifer.

More happened, but I was too fixated on Lucifer/Setsuna to notice.

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