Rilina also posted on this set of episodes.

After a remarkably slow start-- 25 episodes in which I was moderately caught up by the plot, but didn't really give a damn about any of the characters-- it suddenly made a 180 into sheer awesome. Well worth sitting through the first half!

...I still can't believe the singing pink girl became one of my favorite characters. And without contradicting her apparent passivity early on, either.

Lacus turned out to be the most self-possessed, independent-minded, and sane characters in the entire series. Though presumably some of her material resources came from her father, she's also one of the very few characters who has an independent career and is listened to in her own right, not because of who her father is or because of a military rank: her dueling propaganda broadcast is possible because she's a celebrity who's known and respected for her talent, and it works because what she's saying is so manifestly sensible.

She is a real, believable political activist, convincingly persuasive to both groups and individuals. She exemplifies the strategic principle of waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and then striking with perfect efficiency by using whatever resources are available. Lacus is sheer awesome.

The interactions between Kira, Athrun, Cagalli, Yzak, Dearka, Miri, Natarle, Ramius, La Flaga, and Lacus were intense, moving, and interestingly unpredictable... and yeah, OK, I love them all now. Tori and the little bouncy balls too.

I also enjoyed the moments of unintentional hilarity. Especially the bit in which the three crazy pilots suddenly started shooting at each other, while Athrun and Kira went, "WTF?" And then the lavender screen of death flashed! Their heads spun around! They fled the battlefield, fell from their Gundams, and lay writhing on the floor, begging for their meds drugs! At first I thought that addicting pilots to crazy-making drugs was a stupid impairing of their combat efficiency, but then I considered how prone Gundam pilots are to switching sides, and thought maybe not.

Considering what bad news fathers are on this show-- shooting you, dying on you, lying about your heritage to you, becoming genocidal maniacs, or blowing themselves up before your eyes-- it was so beautifully, cracktastically, and hilariously fitting that Le Creuset is the defective clone of La Flaga's father. Awesomesauce! Also loved his drawer of spare bird masks. I suppose he looks identical to La Flaga? Or else hideously mutated.

I am not sure that I understand the backstory he related. Was Cagalli a natural birth and Kira an incubator baby, but both had the same parents and were born at the same time? So Cagalli is also a Coordinator?

Finally, Flay has still not justified her existence in the series. Surely Le Creuset could have found a courier some easier way?
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