1. [livejournal.com profile] oyceter, sorry, when I took a shower this morning one of the sliding doors fell off. I propped it against the wall. Also, can you please pop the postcards I left on the bed in with your outgoing mail?

2. While walking near the SF Fisherman's Wharf, I passed what, out of the corner of my eyes, looked like a shrubbery. Then it leaped to its feet, waving the leafy branches it had been crouched behind and shouting. I was quite startled. Especially since, eight years ago when I was there doing disaster relief for El Nino, I saw the same tree dude terrorizing tourists. I suppose it could be a different tree dude, but can one city really contain two men who disguise themselves as shrubs to frighten passersby?

3. I also saw a bride in full gown and veil, but with tennis shoes and a ratty sweater pulled over the gown, running down the street sobbing. One of the people with her explained that she had been jilted at the altar. Ouch.

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