It's the last sentence I refer to, but you have to read everything I've excerpted here to see why it's so funny.

"From IRoSF: Do Women and Men Really Write Differently?. (Also discussed otherly in the webreadings below.) Here's a bit:

'Certainly there are motifs that people typically avoid; few male writers find menstruation an attractive topic, whereas few female writers go on and on about guns. Are there stories that men could not write? Are there stories that women could write, but don't write? Or is gender truly irrelevant to writing? Should any skilled author be able to write plausibly the perspective of an opposite-sexed character, or under pseudonym fool readers about the author's sex? Should it be easy, or impossible, to sort stories by male and female authors—with the names removed? Literary critics disagree, vehemently.'

I don't know, I'm female and I don't find menstruation an attractive topic. In fact, one of my earliest reactions to menstruation was to go look up menopause. I was crushed when I realized it was decades away. I'm not a gun enthusiast--swordsswordsswords--but I think guns are probably more interesting than menstruation."

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