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( Dec. 29th, 2004 01:18 pm)
Still no heat-- a guy was supposed to come today but didn't. I'm staying at a friend's house. I'm so overwhelmed I don't have time to find a place and move this month, which means I'm stuck here for at least two more months. Dammit.

Meanwhile, I'm fighting my health insurance on two different fronts. One's a paperwork snafu from over a year ago. The other is that my insurance (Blue Shield PPO) is refusing to pay for a five thousand dollar bone scan that was ordered by an orthopedist after three months of physical therapy didn't help. They're saying that I didn't do a significant trial of conservative therapy first. What do they call three months of useless PT, then?

Meanwhile, I still haven't sent out the memoir rewrite because I haven't had time to look it over yet. (I'm on the phone with the insurance now.)


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