rachelmanija: (Autumn: big leaves)
( Jan. 14th, 2007 10:29 am)
Last night was 31 degrees in Los Angeles, which is not a record but is close to it, and damn cold. It is a record-breaking cold snap elsewhere in southern California-- very bad for citrus farmers. They were out there burning smudge pots and wrapping branches in blankets, trying to keep their trees from freezing like Almanzo pouring warm water over the corn in Farmer Boy.

The heat doesn't much warm the bedroom, so I turned on a space heater, unplugged it right before I was going to fall asleep, and slept in pajamas, socks, gloves, and thermal underwear.

For a Secret Project, I have given someone permission, nay, begged him to call me any time, including the middle of the night, and roust me out of bed to go who knows where but very likely outside, and stand around for who knows how long. I was very relieved that either nothing of interest happened last night, or he decided it was just too damn cold to drag me out.

I hope the homeless shelters are throwing open their doors and inviting people to come in and sleep on the floors if the beds are all full. When the newscasters are telling everyone to bring their outdoor pets inside for the night, it's not a good night for people either.

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