I'm a bit busy right now. I know this didn't come very high in the poll, but since it requires the least time spent formatting, it wins.

For the few of you who are interested in creating manga and haven't read the script already, I present the script for Project Blue Rose. 6000 words.

It's written in a very informal style, because it was intended to be read only by the artist drawing it. Some details (like what the main characters look like) are not described in the script, because we already had that conversation elsewhere. This is an expansion of an earlier, much shorter comic, so I sometimes refer to "what you did before."

Some scars on her face, and/or an eyepatch, but in the traditional manga way of portraying such things, so she looks dashing rather than hideously deformed. )
From a NY Times article on a poll about American attitudes toward global warming and environmentalism:

"A big majority, 75 percent, said recent weather had been stranger than usual, an increase of almost 10 percentage points from 1997. Of those who said the weather had turned weird, 43 percent attributed it to global warming and 15 percent to pollution or other environmental damage. Four percent cited the coming end of the world or biblical prophecy, and 2 percent blamed space junk."

I really want to know what percentage blamed Elvis.

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