rachelmanija: (Default)
( Oct. 29th, 2008 06:12 pm)
Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, and mega-thank you to the awesome crew who gave me certificates for massages and amazon! You guys are fantastic!

Adrian took me to breakfast at the same Taiwanese place across from Din Tai Fung where he got me the taro/red bean cake, and we had a Taiwanese picnic in the Arboretum, where we ended up at a picnic table after repeated attempts to sit on the ground were foiled by ants. We had coffee, sticky rice stuffed with sausage and assorted good stuff, radish cakes with egg, beef rolls, "dragon tails" (crispy unsweetened churro-like things), and "multi-grain rolls" which Adrian unwisely ordered in the hope of being healthy. We fed those to a peacock. Then we went to Huntington Gardens, which was extremely hot but very relaxing.

I am briefly peeking into LJ while he is at a tutoring session, but am now leaving to read L J Smith. We will eat the cake when he returns. Bye!

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