Thank you very much, everyone! Wow, Americans are neurotic when it comes to refrigerating stuff.

Come to think of it, I ate tons of eggs in India and we only had a refrigerator the last year I was there, so unless they were coming straight from the hen they were sitting around at some point, and in extremely high heat too. Though maybe they did come straight from the hen. They were so much better than any American egg I have ever had, by the way, even the best organic supposedly-free-range ones: bright orange yolks and an intensity of flavor never found here. Woes. But that wasn't because they weren't refrigerated, it was because the hens ran around and ate bugs and scraps and stuff.

I made shortbread with the butter. Pro: texture is fantastic. Con: I reduced the sugar because normally recipes contain too much for my taste, and... they're not sweet enough. Very buttery, but a little bland.

What can I do? I have a lot of shortbread, and I'm not sure the neighbor's teenage son would like it as is. (I normally give him my excess baked goods. He is fifteen and growing.) Should I spread jam on it? Sprinkle it with powdered sugar? Spread icing on it? Bueller?
I think this is the only time in my life I've ever paused a TV show at the nine minute mark solely mock it online, but last night's episode of Criminal Minds is the most hilariously anti-internet thing I've ever seen, even in a lifetime of watching TV and other media blame the internet for everything. Even more than CM's own previous episodes which first suggested that tech support might be remotely turning your monitors into cameras so snuff films of you can later be broadcast on youtube, and that the internet exists almost solely as a breeding ground for pedophiles and sex slavers, which curiously seem to outnumber the total population of the country.

In the first nine minutes:

- women have been kidnapped and probably murdered via connections online.

- Reid and Garcia point out that social networking sites are insecure and will release private information.

(I don't object to the two above, those are just to set the scene for what follows.)

- Rossi mocks the entire concept of blogging and revealing one's life online, to general agreement by the rest of the team.

- It is overall suggested that blogging is basically inviting murder.

- A bunch of people who clearly are online friends show up as witnesses, and this is obviously supposed to be horrifying that... the victims knew a lot of people online.

- As sappy and horrified music plays, the victim's mother tragically says, while weeping, "My daughter was on all these 'internet' sites... I don't even know what they are... Someone congratulated me on her promotion, and I didn't even know about it! When I called to ask her, she said, "Mom, I posted it on Facebook!"" [Pause for weeping and horror.) "Two days later... she disappeared!"

Looking up, my transcript-from-memory doesn't quite convey the sheer over the top quality of that scene, which is clearly meant to be absolutely horrifying and yet, as I type in order to post on the social network of DOOM, is absolutely ridiculous. If I ever teach another drama class, I will use it to explain "bathos." (And TV Tropes's "Narm.")

Also, isn't this a little dated? Blogging has not been a new and terrifying source of OH NOES for quite some time now.

On the positive side, I did like this:

Reid enters with strangely normal haircut.

Hotch: "Did you join a boy band?"

Reid (with total lack of comprehension as to why someone might inquire): "No?"

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