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( May. 27th, 2011 10:06 am)
Yesterday [personal profile] tanyahp and I were talking about the American diagnostic manual of mental illnesses, the DSM-IV, and how some of the listings are pure pathologizing of “weird” (usually sexual) behavior, some seem to represent recent culturally based phenomena (which doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t “real,”) and some others have a far longer history.

I mentioned that there’s a speech in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I, written around 1597, in which Lady Percy speaks to her warrior husband, who’s often away fighting and is about to go lead a rebellion, and that she hits virtually every one of the DSM-IV’s diagnostic criteria for PTSD - in iambic pentameter.

For your amusement and/or enlightenment, here’s Lady Percy’s complete speech, annotated with the DSM-IV criteria.

Insomnia, exaggerated startle reflex, recurrent dreams of battles, lack of interest in formerly pleasurable activities, and more! )
Okay, I didn't literally get thrown out with a parting, "And never come back!" But they did decline to accept my business.

(I used to think nobody ever really said, "And never come back!" That was before I got kicked out of a martial arts school with those exact words.)

Recently, I have started getting very bright, glittery white hairs. Just a few, but growing close together. They're quite pretty. I decided it would be useful to my future career, and hopefully cool, to enhance this effect by having the entire lock dyed white. (When I was about nine, I had a sort of platonic-admiring crush on a woman I knew who had black hair with a single white lock, which she told me was natural. It could happen!)

I got an appointment at the salon and attempted to explain what I wanted. This is how it went:

Stylist: "You mean you want blonde highlight?"

Me: "No, white highlights. See where it's going naturally white? I want you to make it look like the whole lock went white."

Stylist: "But that would make you look older."

Me: "I want to look older!"

Stylist (appalled): "Why would anyone want that?!"

Me: "For my career."

Stylist: "What???"

Me: "I'm thirty-seven!"

Stylist (astounded): "You are?!"

Me: "I'm trying to look my age."

Stylist: "Okay, well, it is impossible to dye hair white. Or gray! It can't be done! You have to bleach it, and then the hair is destroyed!"

Me (holding out white hairs): "You're telling me it's impossible to dye in more of these?"

Stylist (folding arms): "That's right!"

I left. I assume it cannot possibly really be impossible to dye hair white, even if you do have to bleach it twice. (Correct me if I'm wrong!) I'm thinking of trying a salon that caters more to punks, and walking in with a photo of Rogue from The X-Men, and just saying, "I want a white streak like Rogue's, right here."

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