After losing the lottery, I got put back on the waiting list, just in case. And either someone dropped out, or they found more room, because I got in!

This is "Japanese Approaches to Mindfulness," a 10-day study abroad in March (between quarters) staying at, Shunkoin, a Zen temple in Kyoto, to study Zen, mindfulness, and Japanese concepts of psychology and mental illness. The abbott is active in the local LGBTQ community, and we will be meeting with some LGBTQ activists as well as with practicing psychologists.

I am very, very excited, and am going to move my Japanese CDs into my car CD player.

Would anyone be interested in sponsoring me in a read-a-thon to raise money for this? (I am reviewing the horrendous-looking book with the naked woman stomping at a motorcycle first, don't worry, [personal profile] tool_of_satan.) People have gotten tons of entertainment out of those I've done previously. And FYI... I happen to have obtained a copy of the sequel to Sexteen, which I have been saving for a special occasion.
Attempting to get a jump on and also organize my required reading. Long.

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