Take a walk with me. And a ferry ride. And eat an innovative gourmet dinner...

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ETA: This is being decided by auction. The auction begins now. It will conclude on Friday, April 6, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Please get your bids in by then. This post has been updated with bidding links below the photos.

Sherwood Smith, who got to try some of them on, offers this testimonial (from memory): "The photos don't do justice to how beautiful they are. The fabrics are so silky and luxurious!"

To help fund my trip, I am selling some beautiful haori (kimono jackets) I bought in Japan. They can be worn with a kimono, or over pants or a skirt or dress.

Detailed photos below cut. $50 each unless otherwise noted. You pay postage, probably $5-$10. I will ship internationally, but shipping costs may be quite high.

Please comment to say which you would like. Ideally, note your first preference, second preference, and third preference. Please say so if you'd like more than one.

I will try to sort it out fairly so everyone gets one they want. If necessary, I may put some up for auction.

With two exceptions (noted with description), they are 30 inches long and 22 inches in shoulder width. Cloth is probably synthetic unless otherwise stated, but really nice, luxurious-feeling synthetic.

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To help finance the trip, I am selling some beautiful haori (kimono jackets, which do not have to be worn with a kimono) which I bought at a temple flea market in Kyoto and in Tokyo's Nippori fabric district.

Photos and details are here.

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