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( Jan. 25th, 2015 11:11 am)
Some of you were lucky enough to receive maniacal emails from me yesterday with headlines like I AM AT A BOOK SIGNING WITH A HEDGEHOG and photo proof.

Yes! My friend Halle, of the Jim Henson Company, co-wrote a book, Jim Henson's Enchanted Sisters: Spring's Sparkle Sleepover, in a series of adorable books on seasons personified as diverse and adorable little girls, all of whom have cute pets including a fox, a hedgehog, an armadillo, and a Pegasus. The company decided to make their book signing truly memorable by including a Pegasus fox, hedgehog, and armadillo, courtesy of a company that provides animals and handlers for movie and TV shoots.

The handler discussed the animals' lifestyle and kept them in nice traveling cages in a quiet back room except for the brief period she showed them off. They were former pets, given up due to the owners thinking twice about having exotic pets, so were used to being handled.


The armadillo squirmed a lot, so this was the only picture I managed to get that wasn't too blurry to keep. It is Armando.

Cindi hedgehog 1

This was the part where I started emailing my friends.

Hedgehog close 1

The hedgehog was literally the cutest thing I have EVER seen. Its wee paddling legs! Its little twitching nose! Unreal. Sadly you cannot have them as pets in California without a special permit. It is Brutus. No idea why.

Hedgehog me 1

I PETTED THE HEDGEHOG. The spikes are bristly, not sharp. So cute! SO CUTE. (We also had people making flower crowns.)

Me fox 1

This is a fennec fox named Jasper. It bites, so we did not get to pet its undoubtedly soft and fluffy fur. This photo was taken thirty seconds before the handler packed up and left. You can see how done she and Jasper are with the whole thing, contrasting to my demeanor of "WHEEEE!"

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