My plane was stuck on the runway in LA for over two hours, because the pilots were reassigned, I suspect in error; the airline people all seemed baffled. But I did finally arrive in Vegas! Photos below.

I was greeted at the Las Vegas airport by a giant iguana.


And then I went to Nobu, the Japanese-ish hotel inside Caesar's Palace. Here's my room:


And here's Caesar's:





My vacation would not be complete without giant disembodied heads and pegasi genuflecting to Gucci.


$500 Elie Tahari dress. Isn't it gorgeous? No, I didn't buy it. I might buy some pricey shoes, though. I could get a whole lot more wear out of expensive shoes than an expensive party dress.

But of course, what you're really here for is the food.


The green tea waffles from Nobu room service, which inspired DJ and Echo's Vegas breakfast in Partner. Absolutely delicious, fluffy and sweet and scattered with bits of toasted pecans. I inhaled them.

I also had Gordon Ramsay's crab deviled eggs (excellent, you could really taste the crab) and maple-Sriracha glazed Brussels sprouts (sauce A+, sprouts a little underdone) and a cocktail with lime and cucumber. Not pictured due to laziness.

Also a Milk Bar crack pie slice and corn cookie. Not pictured due to phone having run out by then. The corn cookie was weird and doughy and I would not order it again, which is too bad because I love corn desserts. The crack pie was basically a slice of butter and sugar, like the world's greatest blondie, and I gobbled it in about sixty seconds flat. It would probably be even better warm.

At 11:00 PM I watched the dancing fountains at Bellagio, in the company of many tourists, a random storm trooper, two showgirls, Pikachu, and stripper!Wonder Woman. We were all very impressed, except the showgirls who had obviously seen it too often. Possible also except Pikachu. It was hard to tell.
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