Date: 2017-08-04 01:50 am (UTC)
asakiyume: (miroku)
From: [personal profile] asakiyume
I **hate** the tendency to blame parents and especially moms for things. I think about how they used to blame parents--and especially moms--for autism, for not being loving enough. It really does feel to me like a case of "is something inexplicably awful happening in your family? It must be because you're defective in some way/not doing it right."

One of the many, MANY problems with that line of attack is that if you take it, you can always find supporting evidence, since there are always impossibly high standards for how much attention/discipline/freedom--whatever the Thing Du Jour is--you should be giving.

That said, I know it's possible for a family situation (by which I mean, say, both parents under a whole lot of stress from work, or there's a sick grandparent or sibling, or whatever), the parents' and child's personalities, and the surrounding milieu to create an overall bad environment that could lead to mental problems--oh, and add in physical contributing factors, too. But that stuff doesn't equate to IT WAS MOM'S/PARENTS' FAULT.

I wonder if this country will become genuinely more fat-approving, and if it does, how that'll affect rates of anorexia.
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