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As I recall, the Cherry Ames book is heavy on the WWII propaganda. I read it when I was in elementary school, so I can't speak to the various Ism Fairies. I do remember, though, that, when I worked in a small public library in the early 80s, the woman who checked out books for the retirement home would get Cherry Ames books when she ran out of other clean nurse romances because, as long as she didn't tell the residents that the books were written for children, they were beat for beat the same.

I love The Little White Horse. It's one of those books that a person can slide off of or fall deeply into depending on whether or not they run into it at a point when it works for them. I like it less well than Linnets and Valerians (by the same author), but like that book, it's a gentle fantasy where the magic is fairly subtle. In this case, there's an ancient family curse that needs breaking. There's a relatively recent movie adaptation, The Secret of Moonacre, but that (of course) changes the story a lot to play up scary parts and make things more dramatic.

I think I encountered Howard Pyle at the wrong point because I didn't enjoy any of the things that he wrote that I tried. I just have a general recollection of being really peeved.
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