Date: 2017-08-10 10:50 pm (UTC)
rushthatspeaks: (Default)
Oh, man, it would be so nice if the Willo Davis Roberts actually is More Like That, because, as apparently everyone else did, I desperately loved The Girl with the Silver Eyes.

Elizabeth Goudge is one of my favorite writers for children; her adult stuff is tedious. I freely admit she isn't for everybody. My favorite of hers is Valley of Song, which you can't get. I don't own one. I got one for [personal profile] sovay from Australia. The Little White Horse and Linnets and Valerians are tied for second-favorite. I think Little White Horse has higher high points and more obvious flaws, whereas Linnets reads a lot like E. Nesbit only better. What Goudge is really good at is combining the numinous with everyday life, and also places, people, and things that you desperately want to see, live with, and encounter. What she's bad at is not getting too much religion all over, and also she has some... peculiar gender stuff. Basically, if you love her you will really, really love her and if not you will probably find her actively annoying.
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