Looks like the Nazi scum saw how many people planned to show up to stand up to them in LA, and ran like the cowards they are. Apparently the Venice Nazi rally has been cancelled (but Nazi rallies are still planned in other cities). But it looks like OUR rally is still on, whether the Nazis show up or not.

I will keep updating but if our rally is happening, I'll still be there. I think it's important to show our solidarity and fire. Hey, just talking about showing up chased the Nazis out of LA before they even came - let's give them crowd photos to haunt their dreams and keep them out.
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"Fuck Nazis" is always a good premise for a rally, whether or not they're marching there as well. It should just be known that that is the general position of all people with a conscience.
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Sweet Honey in the Rock - "Sojourner's Battle Hymn" is dispelling my earworm nicely.

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