ETA: I changed my sign-up several times since I posted this, so if you looked early on, look again if you're interested.

Dear FemslashEx Writer or Artist,

Thank you so much for writing for me! This is my first time doing FemslashEx, so I'm really excited.

(I only requested art for one fandom; however, if anyone is moved to do an art treat for me in any of them, I would absolutely love that.)

Loves, DNWs, and notes/prompts for my fandoms (Aliens, Carrie, Original Work, Star Trek: Classic Timeline, and X-Men comics (Marvel 616).

General Loves:

Hurt-comfort - all h/c tropes that don't infantilize anyone are delicious to me. Injured and stuck without medical care on another planet/behind enemy lines/etc, bedside vigils, tender caretaking, stoic characters pretending they are JUST FINE right up until they collapse - I love it all. The only thing I don't like is characters getting tons of care taking lavished on them for minor illnesses like colds - that hits my infantilization button. (But fevers with delirium are lovely, especially if they make characters babble secrets or true feelings that they'd never in a million years admit to if sober.) Emotional h/c is also excellent.

Loyalty, conflicting loyalties, being torn between a cause or job and the woman she loves - I adore all that. I love knight's vows, royalty determined to do right by their responsibilities, soldiers' camaraderie, backstage bonding, and gangsters' codes. People belonging to some sort of in-group, whether it's old-school Hollywood, psychic teenagers fighting for the fate of the world, crew on the Starship Enterprise or the Nostromo, or the Mob, is always fascinating to me. So is being an outcast from a group.

I love bonding through shared hardship or a shared hard job, through both being outcasts or both having a secret. I love characters who trust each other with their lives. I also love characters who don't trust each other for good reasons, but are forced to work together/depend on each other.

I love butch/femme pairings. I also love many other sorts of pairings. But if you matched on something like Resistance Fighter/Glamorous 40s Singer, feel free to go to town in that direction.

I am fine with any type of relationship or smut level - established, beginning, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, enemies having sizzling angry hatesex, smoldering sexual tension but no onstage sex, etc. Do what feels right for the characters and story.

Sex: I like BDSM, especially if it's extremely informal (like, the characters might not have even heard the term, they just know they like being pinned down/tying up their girlfriend/etc). I like bruising (spontaneous or ornamental), and rough and/or frantic/desperate sex. I like "let's have sex because we might die tomorrow/we might not survive the war." I like fingering and frottage, especially when partly clothed, reaching into clothes, touching through clothes, etc. I like praise, bondage, honor bondage, and characters discovering kinks for the first time. I like characters entering new or dangerous territory, like if they're control freaks or emotionally damaged and have never really relaxed and enjoyed themselves, or lost control, or cut loose before.

I like lavish descriptions of things, from food to clothing to scenery to the human body. I love all types of women's bodies, so whatever strikes you or you think would strike the characters as especially attractive, whether it's long clever fingers or delicately arched feet or battle scars or an Earth Mother figure, I will enjoy reading or looking at. I like strong muscular women, voluptuous women, and little dainty-looking women. If I picked the characters, I think they're hot, so that should give you an idea of the range.

I love sexy clothing, which could be slinky 40s dresses or battle-worn leathers. Scars and brands and tattoos are hot.

I like worldbuilding, whether it's of literal worlds or exploring the setting/culture of our real world.

I like any kind of writing, from completely straightforward to 5 Things to any sort of odd format that serves the story. I even like second person if there's a reason for it.

General DNWs: Issuefic, terminal illness, dementia, A/B/O, PWP, change-the-setting AUs (I like "this happened differently" AUs), detailed descriptions of gross stuff like vomit, body horror, pregnancy, babies, infantilization or age play, and characters being gross or stinky during sex. Clean/fresh blood, sweat, and tears is totally fine. But if they're having sex after being lost in the jungle for a week, just don't mention what they'd probably actually smell like.

Art: I am terrible at art prompts which is part of why I only made one art request, even though I really enjoy art. So apologies. As I mentioned, I like women's bodies, whether clothed, nude, or partially clothed. I like the aesthetics of bondage, whether impromptu with scarves or belts, or shibari. And I like Tarot cards.

Aliens (1986) - Fic

Ellen Ripley/Jenette Vasquez

They are the BEST. Shouldn't they be the best together? I'd love to see an AU where Vasquez survives and they kick alien ass. (Feel free to include or not include Newt if you did that - I love Newt and I bet it would be fun to see her and Vasquez interact, but please just have her be safe elsewhere if you don't want her around.) Or maybe just the two of them comparing notes on being a space trucker vs. a space Marine and finding that they have more in common than they realized. Perhaps a sweaty workout or competitive weightlifting or sparring session inevitably leads to a different sort of sweaty wrestling.

Carrie - All Media Types - Fic

Carrie White/Original Female Character

Susan Snell/Carrie White


Feel free to either go as dark as canon, whether that's setting your story within canon or an AU where Carrie survives but things still don't go well, or to fix-it. The canon tragedy is great but I also really wished Carrie could have had more of a chance, whether to survive her revenge or for it to have been averted. So please feel free to explore whatever path interests you. This is the only canon where I'd be OK with a modern AU, so long as Carrie still has her powers, because I think those characters could be interesting updated to current times, with cyberbullying and the possibility of girls taking girls to the prom, but every bit as much darkness, just expressed differently. Or maybe not that differently...

I would love to see Carrie/Sue bring Carrie a bit of happiness, poor girl, even if it's short-lived. I love the idea of Carrie using her telekinesis to do something sweet or flirty or playful with Sue, like trying to tie a ribbon in her hair. It seemed like they had the potential to just be two girls in love, pre-prom. If that had happened, would the prompocalypse have been averted? Or, if it had happened but Carrie had survived, what would that have done to their relationship? Alternatively and to take a darker tack, what if they weren't romantically involved pre-prom, but that moment of terrifying telepathic intimacy afterward had led to it, again assuming Carrie had survived.

Carrie/OC could be really interesting, especially since you could go in absolutely any direction with the OC - another psychic girl, maybe from the family in that last letter in the book? A girl from the wrong side of the tracks, just as outcast as Carrie but for being too experienced rather than too naive, who could teach Carrie some things and learn others, a girl who might think she's a bad girl and be astonished (horrified? or delighted?) at the havoc innocent Carrie can wreak? A cult escapee, who could show her that there's a way out? What if she was scooped up by government agents as an adult, and one of the agents, or a scientist studying her, started seeing her as more than a subject?

Original Work - Fic

My apologies if you looked at this early on and I changed some pairings - the original pairings were all so great I had a lot of trouble picking just six.

I really love noir - the visuals, the style, the characters, the prose. I am a sucker for smoky clubs and femme fatales and deadly, glamorous cities. Several of these lend themselves to that, so if you like it too, go to town.

Mob Boss/Undercover Detective

I love mob movies. I love undercover tropes. And I have never seen anything where the mob boss and the undercover detective are both women, so that would be amazing. (I'm taking "detective" to mean either "private eye" or "undercover cop" - either is fine.) I think a mob boss can't be too young, so this could be a fascinating battle of wits between two very experienced people at the top of their game. Does the mob boss suspect the detective, and is having an affair in the hope of finding out for sure? Does the mob boss know for sure, and can't bring herself to pull the trigger (yet)? Was the detective appalled to find herself admiring the mob boss's ruthlessness and intelligence, and finding that super hot? Are they just playing each other, or has one or both fallen in love... and even if there is love involved, is that enough to stop them from destroying each other?

I'm fine with any tone or type of ending for this one.


I love all the bodyguard tropes - protectiveness, opposites attract, being thrust into a strange new milieu, taking a bullet, falling in love when hearing her perform. Is the musician a superstar? Or not famous, just unfortunate enough to have a stalker? Does the bodyguard first not think much of her, then see how hard she works and how talented she is? Or is the bodyguard already a fan, who now gets to see what her idol is like as a real person? I love very late nights post-concert when everyone's exhausted yet exhilarated, protecting her with her body, the musician watching the bodyguard exercise and covertly admiring her muscles, the bodyguard watching the musician perform and being determined to protect her.

I would like a happy ending for this one.

Classic Hollywood Scriptwriter/Classic Hollywood Actress

I am not a classic Hollywood expert so you don't have to kill yourself trying for historical accuracy. I do live in Los Angeles and have worked in Hollywood, so if you want to throw in details about that, I can and will appreciate them. (But it's not necessary!)

I love all things backstage, whether wild comedy or drama. I adore it when the project they're working on reflects what's going on between them or the story as a whole. Is the scriptwriter in love with the actress and driving the director crazy by writing the actress the role of a lifetime at the expense of the studio's favorite leading man? Did the actress drive the scriptwriter crazy by demanding a script that lets her show off some oddball talents (and then showed them off so charmingly that the scriptwriter fell in love?) Are they longtime companions and this is their 40th movie? Or is this a darker story a la Sunset Boulevard?

I'm fine with any tone or type of ending for this one.

1940s Resistance Fighter/Glamorous Wartime Singer

40s Private Eye/Glamorous Wartime Singer

I am not a 40s expert so you don't have to kill yourself trying for historical accuracy. I'm more in it for the tropes, the aesthetic, and the atmosphere. I love all the tropes of wartime drama, resistance fighters, and noir. The cynical private eye, the idealistic (probably doomed) resistance fighter, the femme fatale-- I love it all.

Is the singer playing the private eye in some elaborate plot? Does she simply need help getting rid of a creeper fan or finding a missing person? Or is the private eye the one who needs help from the singer, to get her into a subculture she otherwise wouldn't have access to?

As for the resistance fighter and the singer, is she a double agent, the inspiring voice of the underground, or secretly a resistance fighter herself? Is she still leading the glamorous life, or is that in the past and she's now just another member of the resistance who only sings for her lover? Is their love a welcome break from reality, or the thing that inspires them to keep on the fight?

I normally love "lovers on opposite sides of the war" stories, but 1940s makes that a hard one for me to enjoy. So, if you want to do that, please drop the WWII setting. If you go that route, does the singer know the resistance fighter's identity?

Resistance fighter: I'm fine with any tone or type of ending for these other than "and then they die in a concentration camp" or one in which their fight was in vain. Dying in battle or due to refusing to give up their comrades/lover/the cause is fine.

Private eye: I'm fine with any tone or type of ending other than "and then they die in a concentration camp."

Pirate/Naval Officer Disguised as a Man

So, I've been watching Black Sails and I would like some pirates. Please lay on any pirate trope you can think of. Free-spirited pirate meets uptight naval officer? Great! Dark-and-gritty version where a naval officer who stands to lose everything if she's discovered comes face to face with her sworn enemy, a pirate halfway to becoming Ahab? Also great!

(If you do know Black Sails and are wondering about my favorite character types, I love Flint, Teach, Vane, and Silver. (Also Thomas and Miranda.) If you don't, I love these archetypes: ruthless vengeful pirate captain with a tragic past, upright/uptight Naval officer forced to confront situations where the rules no longer work, swaggering badass pirate, strategically brilliant swaggering badass pirate, and sneaky pirate who'd sell her aged grandma for a clue to the treasure.)

Is the officer disguised as a man because she really, really wants to be a naval officer and women aren't allowed? (And in that case, what's it like finding out in person that your enemy, the pirates, are fine with women on ships?) Or is the disguise a means to an end, put on because there's something specific only a naval officer can do? And just how hot does the pirate find that by-the-book woman in uniform? (Answer: very.)

Excellent pirate tropes: boarding a ship, adrift without food, shipwrecked on an island, treasure, creepy sea legends, chests of gold, sirens, mermaids, mutiny, rubbing oil into each other's skin to prevent sunburn or ease sore muscles. Hurt-comfort is always excellent.

I would prefer a happy ending for this one.

Star Trek: Classic Timeline (All Series) - Fic

Ro Laren/Tasha Yar

Deanna Troi/Tasha Yar

Ro Laren/Deanna Troi


I'm really fond of Next Gen and I love these characters. Tasha Yar got a raw deal in canon, and I always felt like she was more interesting than we really got a chance to see. Ro was a great, unusual-for-Star-Trek character who made a big impression in a comparatively few episodes. Deanna Troi got to be around long enough to show a lot of facets of her character and go beyond the early "I sense great sadness" schtick.

I think all these pairings are really interesting in different ways. Ro/Tasha have a lot in common, but Ro is fire to Tasha's cool. I bet they'd both clash and work well together - definitely a "sparks fly" relationship. And Ro/Deanna and Tasha/Deanna are great opposites-attract ships. It might be interesting to see some role reversal in those, if the warrior got a chance to be the healer or the healer learned to fight.

All of these pairings would be excellent in a forced-to-work-together-to-survive scenario, whether caught in guerrilla warfare, trapped together on a hostile planet, the only people on the Enterprise who aren't out of their minds on some weird alien drug/virus/other McGuffin/etc, or any of the above with one of them injured or sick for some bonus h/c. With a Deanna ship, I'd love to see her empathic abilities come into play - what does that feel like? Is it hard for someone as guarded as Tasha or Ro to have a lover who can literally sense what they're feeling?

X-Men Comics (Marvel 616) - Fic or art

Kitty Pryde/Illyana Rasputin (Marvel 616)

Kitty Pryde/Rachel Summers (Marvel 616)

I'm a fan of the Claremont-era comics, so if you're a fan of post-Claremont, that's totally fine but please focus more on the characters and events within the story rather than referencing canon events I might not be familiar with. Within Claremont-era, I know X-Men, New Mutants, the Kitty & Wolverine and Magik miniseries, and the earlier bits of Excalibur.

If you are also a fan of these characters, hello! We should be friends. ;) This is one of my oldest and favorite fandoms, and these are my favorite characters in it. So anything you write or draw will make me very happy.

I love how incredibly angsty and tragic Rachel and Illyana's pasts are. One doesn't often see female characters with the sort of angst they have, which is 1) not about sexual violence, 2) largely about things they did that they feel guilty about. I really felt for how in both cases, they managed to return to a world where things were better... but then they didn't fit in and no one understood the troubles they'd seen. Except Kitty! I don't think Illyana ever just relaxed and had fun except with Kitty. And Rachel obviously got a huge kick out of shopping and having fun with Kitty.

I was always very intrigued by how Kitty and Illyana's relationship was reflected in Illyana's soulsword - when Illyana is (temporarily) dead, Kitty gets the sword and armor, and Kitty can be cut by the sword when phasing. I'm not sure if Illyana ever told Kitty in canon about the tragic fate of her Limbo counterpart, but that or even a visit to Limbo would be interesting to explore. With Limbo's weird time issues, our Kitty might meet Limbo's Cat... or an alternate Illyana who stayed to be its lord. I'd be happy with any time period, from when they were youngish teenagers to adults.

Kitty and Rachel also seemed to be dating or at least interested. They were really protective of each other, and (like Kitty and Illyana) prone to hugging, cuddling, and standing really close. A lot of that was in Excalibur, but I'd also be interested to see a story from earlier on, when Rachel was having the worst life ever. If she ever could have brought herself to tell Kitty more of what was going on with her, would things have gone differently? What if there were more time shenanigans, maybe a reverse of Days of Future Past with the more innocent, X-Men timeline Kitty going to the horrible Sentinel alternate future and connecting with Rachel there?

With both ships, I love the friendship/camaraderie/teammate aspects, the way in both cases a character who's often wrapped up in sadness can get a break from it with someone who understands them, the level of trust, and that whatever relationship they have has to go on alongside saving the world and almost dying on a regular basis and fighting villains from the sympathetic to the scary to the just plain weird, all in a world that hates and fears them. I also really love mutant powers and the whole world (not to mention Limbo.) So give me some of what I like about their relationships and a bit of using their powers or adventuring or hurt-comfort or rescuing each other or all of the above, and I will be very happy. For this fandom I don't mind angst along the way at all but I'd like a happy ending.

Please no explicit sex if you set this when the characters are younger teenagers.

Art prompts: I love Illyana's armor and soul sword. Of Kitty's bajillion costumes I have a fondness for this one: I like Rachel's Phoenix costume: and hate her spiked red one. On the other hand, I have a huge fondness for superheroes hanging out not in costume, so Kitty and Illyana or Kitty and Rachel doing regular person things out of costume would be charming. Please no explicit sex.

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