1. Most people learned that the good fairy turned Bunny Foo-Foo into a goon, though there are a few outliers voting for "goose," "goo," and "gnu." What did you all think a goon was, anyway? I pictured a big blobby-looking, yet sinister creature, like the Staypuff Marshmallow Man.

2. Nobody but me has ever heard of "Bangum," which my Dad taught me. I knew this before I did the folk song poll, but lived in hope. While writing the poll, I discovered that it's a variant of Child Ballad 18, "Sir Lionel." And also possibly a variant of "Froggy Went A-Courting," though I think that just refers to the tune, and frankly I don't see the resemblance. Apparently the traditional refrain is "dilly down."

This is "Bangum;" Dad used to occasionally vary it by making it a dragon instead of a wild boar.

There is a wild boar in these woods,
Killy quo, killum
There is a wild boar in these woods
Killy quo
There is a wild boar in these woods,
And it breaks men's bones and drinks their blood
Killy quo, killy quo, killy quo qum.

Bangum took his wooden knife
Killy quo, etc...
And swore that he'd take that wild boar's life

Bangum came to the wold boar's den...
And he found the bones of a thousand men

They fought nine hours in that day...
And the wild boar fled and it slunk away

"Oh Bangum did you win or lose?"
And he swore by Jove he'd won the shoes.

3. "Pat Worked on the Railway" seems quite obscure, as well, but I've seen it in folk song books, while I've never seen "Bangum." Dad has no idea where he learned it, either.

4. Paul Robeson recorded the best versions ever of "Motherless Child," "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho," "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," "Shenandoah," and "Balm in Gilead." If I had any of his albums on CD instead of tape, I'd prove it.

5. Stagger Lee was a bad, bad man. He shot Billy Lyons/DeLeon/Dilly for his brand-new Stetson hat, or sometimes just because, and sometimes did other, unspeakable things to him. Billy had a wife, and sometimes she takes revenge. In all the versions of "Stagger Lee" that I've come across, if anyone ever gets back at him, it's a woman. In Nick Cave's unspeakably obscene version on Murder Ballads, Stagger Lee's woman throws him out in the cold and rain, and tells him never ever to come back here again. This makes Stagger Lee's woman the biggest bad-ass on the entire album, in my opinion.

6. I found a couple articles on "In the Pines," but none shed much light on its essential mystery. It's a spooky, haunting song. Who else knows these lyrics: "His head was found in the driver's wheel/And his body it never was found"?

7. I can guess where everyone heard about Mighty Casey, but I was surprised that so many people knew about Casey Jones. Is "one hand on the whistle, one hand on the brake" a story you learned in school?
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