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Heroes # 3 "One Giant Leap": blogged LIVE!

ETA: Actually, this episode was quite good-- a huge improvement over the last one.

Oh, dear, they have not yet dropped the portentous and pseudo-scientific voice-over.

Also, if there was meant to be any ambiguity whatsoever about Clare's Dad, they should stop referring to him as "evil" and "the enemy" in the previews.

Totally making up for the stupid "picking up the gun thing," Hiro takes his magic comic book to his office buddy and uses it to try to prove that weird stuff is going on and try to enlist him to save a girl's life. (What girl? Shouldn't he be thinking of saving the brain-eaten artist's life?) Unlike every single character in Lost, Hiro very sensibly believes in explaining what's going on, with evidence. Go Hiro!

Everyone is being sensible! It's like the anti-Lost! Emo suicide brother is testing his flight abilities by leaping off very short heights. Good thing too, because he drops like a suitcase. In an anvillicious but amusing bit, he is watched by a kid with a Superman cape.

Pixie Spy Girl just told Mohinder he "looks like Hell." He is shiny with sweat and wearing a tank top. Perhaps she means "hot as Hell."

Mohinder found his Dad's notebook, I think with samples from each powered person he found. Sylar seems to live in NYC. OK, probably not Clare's Dad then.

I do not care about Emo Heroin Artist and his smack and girlfriend problems.

Hiro saving the little girl by stopping time? Fucking awesome. That is why I am watching this show.

Yes, this is getting good now. Blonde FBI agent actually pays attention to proof of telepathy and enlists Big Lunk Telepathic Cop to get Sylar! Sylar attacks the little girl and demonstrates telekinesis, teleportation, and super-healing, then escapes! I do not even mind that Big Lunk Cop had to rescue Cool Blonde Agent, because she was shown as being very competent and anyone would have had the same problem if Sylar had used his TK on them.

Meanwhile, Mohinder breaks into Sylar's creepy-ass apartment, and takes photos for reference.

I love that people in this show are actually behaving intelligently. I want to hug them.

Well, except for Psycho Mirror Stripper Mom. Seems her boy's father is a murderer, or maybe not; anyway, she really ought to drop him off with his grandma, regardless of their disagreement about that: come on, it cannot possibly be more dangerous than leaving him with her, when her evil reflection is putting bodies in the trunk.

Hiro and his buddy on the plane: too adorable! Though I kept waiting for them to get busted for talking about bombs really loud.

I think we should never have another scene in which Big Lunk Cop and his wife interact.

Clare's earlier point that instant healing is not actually a useful job skill is pointed out when some asshole tries to rape her and she has no abilities that can help her. Except when he accidentally kills her, for about the fifth time--wonder if she will suffer a fatal injury once per episode? Poor Clare.

Stripper mom: wonder if her evil reflection actually did the murders her husband was blamed for?

I was about to type that the Flying Congressman bores me, but that was before he outed his brother as having attempted suicide at some political schmoozefest. Wow, is that not cool.

I could watch the Hiro-and-Hiro's-buddy-and-Hiro's-magic-comic-book show forever.

Hmm, so Sylar renovated his apartment by the time Mohinder showed up with police. Good thing he took photos...

Closing shot of Clare: EWWWWWWWWWW! And also, if the coroner did the autopsy rather than her father or the rapist, her continuing survival is going to be really hard to explain.

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