Very interesting! About the only things I can say without spoilers are that I found the revelations about the underpinnings of the universe to be very... interesting.

And that I can't wait to read more!

I had unfortunately managed to get spoiled for Isshin's Sekrit Soul Reapertude, so that was not a surprise, but was still very cool. I do wish that Ichigo's incredible mojo was more based on his insane persistence and less on "pure Soul reaper blood."

Oh, Rukia, please get back to kicking ass and taking names. You have moped for nearly twenty volumes now; that is enough.

Tatsuki: YAY! However, I have a sinking feeling that she probably doesn't get to kick any ass for another twenty volumes. Ditto Orihime.

Byakuya: No, I still don't forgive him.

Ryoken Ishida: TOTAL dick. Also, that explains a LOT about Uryuu.

Kon: Um, wow. I am surprised Ichigo didn't give him a much harder time about catching him with his/Ichigo's hand down his/Ichigo's pants.

Urahara: Ichigo should have taken a moment to interrogate him! I would not have let him off the hook so easily.

Hollow-Soul Reaper crosses: Very cool! Looking forward to more revelations about Hollow!Ichigo, the Arrancars, and... um... OK, I know it's not Huevos Grande... Hueco Munco? Wherever they come from. If a Hollow can gain Soul Reaper powers by unmasking, why don't they all unmask? Do they get special vulnerabilities? Or is it, like bankai, not that easy to achieve? (That's rhetorical, don't spoil me.)

So, NOBODY dies after all those battles? I had forgotten that. Tite Kubo should kill some characters occasionally. It's not like he doesn't have any to spare.
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