I hit what is clearly the plot point that everyone hates, and I... didn't hate it as much as I probably should have. I mean, I will probably hate the execution. But I actually like the idea.

I assume that's Orihime getting kidnapped by the Arrancar. I know, I know, she will undoubtedly just sit there and be rescued at great length. But here's what I like about it, at least in potential:

Orihime is doing something that none of the good guys ever seem to do (unless we're counting Urahara as a good guy), that is, at least attempt to come up with a coherent plan. Yeah, she should have told someone what was going on, but "I'll go with them and give my friends time to train and get stronger, while plotting to destroy the enemies from within" is not a bad plan, and shows more forethought than we've gotten from any other non-villain so far, again, unless you count Urahara.

Her leavetaking was really sweet! I loved the "I could eat at five Mister Donuts... and love the same person five times."

I was pretty boggled by the reveal of her power. No, it's not exactly a battle-power, but it's more potentially earthshaking than we've seen from just about anyone, up to and including Aizen and Yamamoto. If I understand it correctly, she could raise the dead. I don't know how far this will go, but I kind of like the idea of Orihime turning out to be more powerful than anyone.

I also loved the meeting of Isshin and Ryosuke, which was far too brief. And Urahara's exchange with Tatsuki and gang. Yes! I want to see Tatsuki unexpectedly rescue them all in the nick of time!

The undead, healing, vomiting, pesky Hollow toddler Nell is surprisingly amusing. I like how the nature of Hollows continues to be expanded.

On the bad side: all the battles are boring me. Especially since everyone's separated and can't bicker.

Finally, I cannot take Grimmjow seriously. Every time he gets all badass, I think, "I took off my arm because I don't need it to beat you!" and laugh.

Finally finally, were there some wonky moments with the scanlation? "Chocolate?" "Throat dick?" WTF?

From: [identity profile] telophase.livejournal.com

I assume that's Orihime getting kidnapped by the Arrancar.

That's not the point I hate. :D You haven't got there yet. I kind of liked it, especially because everybody basically pushed her into it what with wrapping her up in cotton wool, patting her on the head, and telling her to stay home.

I love Nell! :D And you're supposed to note that she's saying some strange things. It won't pay off for, like, over a hundred chapters or something like that - i.e., only in the last month of releases.


From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

...how many chapters is it up to?

Yes, Grimmjow seems totally non-threatening in that sense. I mean, I wouldn't be woried to share a dressing room with him. Less worried, because he'd take one look at my naked body and go, "Eh, not worth fighting."

I can't help wondering, regarding Orihime, if that was Urahara's plan-within-the-plan.

From: [identity profile] telophase.livejournal.com

It's about to hit 300 in the next week or two. I'm not sure what you're at - Nell was introduced about 150 or so and I forgot how long it took to get to her throwing up.

Urahara is tricksy and i trust him exactly as far as I can throw him. He's probably behind everything up to and including the Kennedy assasination and New Coke.

Biwa-strumming demon fish!

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

My heart gives a happy leap every time Urahara appears, and yet I totally agree with you.
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From: [personal profile] incandescens

I've had a suspicion for a long time that Urahara deliberately hung Orihime out to dry on her own with a big KIDNAP ME sign on her back.

I will be sadly amused if I turn out to be right.

He really can't be trusted.

(Just because he's more charming and prettier than Kurotsuchi Mayuri does not make him a Good Person.)

From: [identity profile] rilina.livejournal.com

I believe that my reaction to the conversation of Isshin and Ryuuken was, loudly, "FINALLY."

I keep reading Bleach because there are all these plot points up in the air which I am intrigued by (the fathers, Tatsuki and the gang, Urahara in general, the vizards), but boy has Kubo's pacing been trying my patience lately.
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From: [personal profile] larryhammer

Dunno about other people, but seeing where things were going with Orihime is about where I stopped -- though Ichigo-n-Vizard stuff was the proximate cause.


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