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rachelmanija ([personal profile] rachelmanija) wrote2004-09-04 10:53 am
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But can it fit in a carry-on?

Scene: Wednesday night at the dojo after class.

Players: Me, suddenly realizing I left my cell phone at home; Charlie, only person in sight, a big bruiser of a white belt guy.

Me: Excuse me, Charlie. Do you have a cell phone?

Charlie stares at me like I'm from Mars.

Charlie (suspiciously): Yeah.

Charlie makes no move to offer it to me.

Me, confused by his attitude: Well, do you have it on you?

Charlie, now staring at me like I'm from Jupiter: No, it's at home.

Me: Oh. Well, never mind, then.

Charlie: Why do you ask?

Me: Well, I was going to ask if I could borrow it.

Charlie: You wanted to borrow it?

Me, now convinced that he's from the farthest reaches of the Magellanic Clouds: I need to make a phone call, and I left mine at home.

Charlie: Oh! You wanted a cell phone!

Me: What did you think I said?

Charlie: A sofa.

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