Inspired by recent viewing of Mushishi and Onmyouji, both of which I very highly recommend, in totally different ways.

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Aw, no ticky-boxes! I generally think Yoruichi and Soi Fong are totally doing it and it's an unrequited crush. ('Cos you can't tie a cat down, you know. -- Or you could, but then you'd have a really pissed off cat.)

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I am ashamed to admit that it has been so long since I read The Tale of Genji that I haven't the foggiest recollection of whom To no Chujo is. I answered "totally doing it" on the basis that it's, y'know, Genji - he'll screw anything that moves and a surprising number of things that don't.

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To no Chujo is Genji's best friend or ("best friend" depending how you answer the poll). They brag about women in chapter two and they keep swapping off mistresses at various points in the storyline. And was he Murasaki's father? I lost track.

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He wasn't Murasaki's father, but he was Genji's first wife's brother, I think, and there was some other connection between them that I've totally forgotten.

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Ginko is above such earthly matters. Taxonomically speaking.

I have different answers for Soi Fong in the anime vs. the manga. The manga is what I saw first, so I went with "totally doing it."
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Ahem, you left out the rockin' KouDokuYaone threesome action, kthnx. They live to serve, Kougaiji-sama!

p.s. ginko/magic word girl OTP-4-LYFE, they will so get married and have very strange(ly attractive!) laconic mushishibabies, WHY YES one may have fantasized about this at length

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LOL I did not think you would put Tale of Genji in there!! I enjoyed it. How was the manga??

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