In honor of The Anime Ewo Awards, I present the YA Agony Awards! Voting by rounds. Expect spoilers, though honestly these books are not exactly surprising, ie, the dog dies.

Please argue for your favorites or nominate others in comments.

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chomiji: Shigure from Fruits Basket, holding a pencil between his nose and upper lip; caption CAUTION - Thinking in Progress (shigure-thinking)

From: [personal profile] chomiji

Hmm, I see I have a new addition to my theorem that USAnians - possibly as a result of the Puritan heritage - always prefer things that are more difficult and more unpleasant.

Like, dry wines are always better than sweet wines, because they are harder to appreciate, and torturous, mindless, solitary exercise like running is always better than fun sociable or intellectual exercise like dance or martial arts, and now - tragic books are always inherently more worthwhile than enjoyable books.

From: [identity profile]

Also - Dramas are inherently better than comedies. (despite comedies actually being harder to pull off well from both a writing and an acting standpoint.)

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