1. I've been given a membership to Comic Con, and will be there probably Friday and Saturday. Who wants to meet up?

2. Some people I know are signing up for a Japanese class. My Japanese could certainly use all the help it can get. However, the class is on Sunday afternoon, which is a good time for me to either write or relax, and which prevents me from taking a two-day weekend in Santa Barbara. I'd really like to get back into the Japanese groove, and that's a lot less inconvenient than another City College class. Hmmm.

3. I am taking time off from karate and have begun lifting weights three times per week in an attempt to not have my back hurt all the time. About two weeks in, I feel pretty good, my back is definitely improved, and I find lifting pleasantly meditative. Does anyone here lift weights seriously? How much improvement in strength can I reasonably expect if I persist?

I also walked three miles yesterday. Go me.

4. Today I finished and sent in revisions for Secret Project GW that I'm doing with Sherwood Smith. Go us. This makes me feel better about not having accomplished anything else this week.

5. DO NOT SPOIL ANYONE IN COMMENTS IF YOU CAN FOLLOW THIS but having recently hooked [livejournal.com profile] oyceter on Naruto and knowing that she was a fair way into the chuunin exams arc, I e-mailed her, "Have you gotten to [so-and-so]'s past yet?" She replied, "I think so, so-and-so mentioned such-and-such, which was interesting." I wrote, "Never mind, you're not there yet."

I knew exactly when she got there when I received an e-mail with the subject line: [so-and-so's spoiler-protected name]!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The flashback which completely changes your view of a character is an old and very frequently well-done device in manga, and one which Kishimoto uses to good effect in several places in the series, but [!!!!!!!!!] is the best take on it I've come across yet.

Order the series from Amazon: Naruto, Volume 1

From: [identity profile] movingfinger.livejournal.com

With weightlifting, you will get out of it everything you put into it. In other words, you will become quite strong and build up a lot of muscle, if you wish to do that, by advancing to higher weights and more demanding exercise routines. As you have known back issues, though, you should look for a good trainer, in your case one with PT interests, training, or background, because it is possible to well and truly screw up the back lifting weights if it's not done correctly.

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

I've been consulting with my PT and a trainer at the YMCA who's pretty familiar with injury issues, so it should be OK.

From: [identity profile] matociquala.livejournal.com

I lift weights semiseriously. And depending on your genetics and how seriously you push yourself, you will get *much* stronger. Noticeably, usefully stronger. Especially if you do free weights, and you lift enough that your reps-to-failure are between eight and twelve. (and do at least two sets, preferably three.)

I would also recommend stabilizing exercises--squats in a squat cage rather than on a press machine, for example, and squats on a wobble board. Also, pull ups on an assisted pull up machine. If you don't care about building popping muscles, exercise muscle systems rather than isolating.

Also, I will be helping man the Random House and Mysterious Galaxy booths. Come find me!

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

Thanks! I'm not sure if the YMCA has an assisted pull up machine or not-- I'll check.

I will look for you at the con!

From: [identity profile] matociquala.livejournal.com


Also, this site rocks:


Also, are you familiar with "Granny Got A Vibrator"? She's a woman in her fifties who lifts, and is generally a mad radical wonderful creature.

From: [identity profile] sarge-5150.livejournal.com

Did you mean Granny Gets A Vibrator (http://grannyvibe.blogspot.com/)? "Granny Got A Vibrator" returned some interesting results. :P

From: [identity profile] matociquala.livejournal.com

Oh, verb tenses are for sissies!

Um, yes I did.

Sorry, I'm very fragged out right now. In the dead parrot sense.

From: [identity profile] cyberpilate.livejournal.com

1. I've been given a membership to Comic Con, and will be there probably Friday and Saturday. Who wants to meet up?

I'd love to seeing if Cinderella can make it to the ball. =)
octopedingenue: (temari is hot)

From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

[so-and-so's spoiler-protected name]!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HA HA [livejournal.com profile] riddering SENT ME ONE OF THOSE when she first read it too!!

The flashback which completely changes your view of a character is an old and very frequently well-done device in manga, and one which Kishimoto uses to good effect in several places in the series, but [!!!!!!!!!] is the best take on it I've come across yet.

It is my utter favorite manga device, and Naruto kicks ass it; every Naruto character who I hated passionately before their spoilery flashbacks, especially [Main Spoilery Character In Question], afterward became among my favorite characters of the series. (I have the LJ equivalent of [!!!!!!!!!] with old posts tracking my Naruto reading from [Spoiler] needs to DIE to OH MY GOD [SPOILER NAME] OH MY HEART.)

[Spoiler] gets the best [!!!!!!!!!] EVER IN HISTORY.

Also, I am going to do a massive Naruto fanart-recs post soon-ish; any requests? (Massive but by no means comprehensive, as the fandom attempts to make up for its lack of decent fanfic by having oceans of really kickass art.)

Comic Con eee! Go poke your head in on Matsuri Hino for me! Maybe someday there will be a decent manga track at Dragon Con for me.

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

Yes, she went straight from "...I love Rock Lee, and Hinata is so sweet, and [some other person] still bores me, and [so-and-so] is still freaky," to "!!!!!!!!!!!"

Really, there are oceans of kick-ass art? Great, I'm looking forward to your post. The only ones I can think of offhand to recommend are the realistic angsty Gaara that you pointed me to, I think, and to browse through [livejournal.com profile] telophase's gallery. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] oyceter especially likes Rock Lee, so if you find some good ones of him, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. Personally, I'd love to see some good (spoiler-marked) post-timeskip art.

From: [identity profile] telophase.livejournal.com

[livejournal.com profile] the_z has some really good Naruto art in her DA gallery (http://the-z.deviantart.com).

Making list here, partially for your benefit and partially for [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija's, since you probably know most of them. Spoiler warnings primarily for [livejournal.com profile] oyceter. These are pretty much all the ones I've got faved over on DA. In most cases I'm linking to one pic, because that's the one I faved, but their gallries probably have much more.

Naruto Memorial Project index - This was organized by [livejournal.com profile] the_z in response to the big ginormous disastrous things dealing with Mr. Emopants that winds up with I AM MORE SPECIAL THAN YOU (to remain vaguely unspoilery). It grew so that every character that we knew of who had died, and every character that we thought might have died had at least one picture done of them - so there are characters listed in this project that didn't actually die: their status was uncertain at the time the art was made.

Kung-Foo's NMP entry, done at a time when we didn't know if this character would survive or not.

Wredewrat has a few things, including her entry for the NMP, for the same character I did. [livejournal.com profile] oyceter, you can't look yet until the chuunin exam arc is over. :D

Croaky has a metric assload of Naruto stuff including lots of Jiraiya, and several OCs including a female version of Kyuubi called Bitch!Kyuubi.

chibitensai - that one was done with ball-point pen.

Elledupomme - great Gaara picture. :D


Paintpixel, who most people know for being one of the poeple colorizing covers of scanlations.


Prodigy Bombay



Technoelfie has some cool stuff, including OCs, and, say, HALF-NAKED NINJAS.

Chelsee has wonderful Naruto art, including this one

Many things by daruma123

Ninja Skillz. Funnier if you've seen the canonical image of Itachi crouching on a light pole silhouetted by the moon and have read that bit of Sasuke's past.

Operation: Revival Uchiha, by duneboo (spoilers for post-chuunin exam)
Part I: http://www.deviantart.com/view/7671657/
Part II: http://www.deviantart.com/view/7833863/
Part III: http://www.deviantart.com/view/8677984/

From: [identity profile] telophase.livejournal.com

omg dun h8 me bcuz im gud!

:D Lots of Naruto art recs, I can do. XD And actually any search on "naruto" on DA will produce a lot of gold among the massive amounts of dross. A search for "nartuo" will bring up a lot of dross, unsurprisingly. XD What's surprising is that "naurto" has no results at all.

I dunno if the search is still restricted to paid members or not.
oyceter: teruterubouzu default icon (Default)

From: [personal profile] oyceter

Yay! Art!

By the way, is the sexy picture of Naruto grown up in these? (I feel dirty liking it now, but I saw it before I really read the manga!)

From: [identity profile] telophase.livejournal.com

Hmmmm..... I don't think so. You might want to poke through Croaky's and Technoelfie's galleries, but I don't think they do Naruto himself. They both play in AUs so I think you're OK with 'em because you won't be able to tell what's canon and what's their worlds. :D
oyceter: teruterubouzu default icon (Default)

From: [personal profile] oyceter

[Spoiler] so gets the best [!!!!!!!!] ever! EVER!


Am still not over it yet!

Ohhhhhh if you are still doing fanart recs, Rock Lee! Or Master Guy! I love them so much! The eyebrows! The stick lashes! The round eyes!

Also, anything of Sakura and Ino. Or actually, anything with the women.

From: [identity profile] telophase.livejournal.com

[livejournal.com profile] nightambre really likes Ino, so she's got a lot of her in her DA gallery - http://nightambre.deviantart.com

Paintpixel, above, has a few of the chicks. :D

[livejournal.com profile] the_z did a Kunoichi Slumber Party. She used to ahve a Rock Lee up, but must have taken him down because I can't find him.

From: [identity profile] filmg33k.livejournal.com

I'll be at ComicCon on Saturday, but we both live in LA, so that seems silly. :)

But let me know if you do want to meet up.

From: [identity profile] sarge-5150.livejournal.com

How much improvement in strength can I reasonably expect if I persist?

How do you define improvement? I would expect that, starting reasonably, you would be able to increase the amount of weight/resistance after two weeks of regular training. But functional strength follows a weakest link pattern: you're only as strong as the weakest muscle that you need to use. For example, massive quadriceps aren't as useful for kicking if the hip flexors are weak. I agree with [livejournal.com profile] matociquala about stabilization except the wobble board squats. Squats with one foot on a wobble board seem pretty advanced even though I am a bit nutty over wobble boards.

How do you define persistence? On the one hand there's the classic twice-a-day, three-on-one-off Schwarzeneggerian regime. On the other hand there's the half-dozen times a month plan come rain or shine but in addition to other training. To me it's less about the number of times per week and more about maintaining the plan for some time. I think three months of consistent, three-times-a-week training will show a noticeable improvement in strength. Eventually (I can't come up with a good estimate right now for some reason...brain...failing...) you will feel different if you train for functional strength. It's hard to explain but the closest I can come is that you feel more effective in interacting with your environment. A few percentage points increase seems to have a qualitative effect.

From: [identity profile] klwilliams.livejournal.com

I'd love to go to Comic-Con, but I can't afford it, time or money. Sigh.

Go you on the exercise, indeed. I'm glad your back is improving.
seajules: (my city)

From: [personal profile] seajules

I was debating going to the con, because I don't do well with crowds, but now I may have to go at least one day to see folks what need to be seen. You need a place to stay Friday night? I have a couch, which may not work well with your back, but I figure I can offer.

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

Really? That would be great, actually, as long as it's long enough for me to stretch out (ie, 5') and not horribly lumpy. Also, I would love to meet you.

My e-mail is Rphoenix2@hotmail.com.
seajules: (squeeful)

From: [personal profile] seajules

It's long enough for you to stretch out, definitely. *G* And yay! I will have a Rachel in my house!

I'm sending details to your email now.

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