I recount this exchange between me and Oyce the other night because she wanted it preserved for posterity. It is especially apropos in light of the bewilderment (mostly mine and Oyce's) going on the comments to the Fairy Cube post. The thing with Yuki Kaori plots is that they're so insane, complex, and insanely complex that even if you understand them at the time, it's hard to get them to stick in your mind later.

Oyce: I have no idea what happened at the end of Angel Sanctuary!

Me: Setsuna and Sara had an incestuous happy ever after...

Oyce: I mean apart from that.

Me: The flying cannibal zombie angel embryo army was destroyed. I think they might have turned into feathers? Maybe I hallucinated that. Or maybe there were feathers, but they were metaphoric. And I think Lucifer killed God.

Oyce: But what happened to Lucifer and Alexiel?! They're the ones I really cared about! Were they OK?!

Me: Oh, I'm sure they were! It's a Yuki Kaori happy ever after!

Oyce: You can't count on that... Look at the end of Godchild.

Me: Well, yeah, but they're Lucifer and Alexiel. I'm sure they were okay! They're immortal! Whereas Cain and Riff were mortal men. Um. Except for Riff. I think.
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