I hereby reproduce the complete text of the back cover of Steven Barnes' Blood Brother. If the novel is one-tenth as awesome as the description, it will be pretty damn awesome:

Austin Tucker was a Green Beret, a man with lightning reflexes and the training to use them. But his life was shattered one Thanksgiving night when strangers invaded his home and killed his son, his daughter, and his wife.

Derek Waites was once an outlaw computer hacker, the infamous Captain Africa. Now he designs computer games. Someone has just tried to kidnap his son, while his daughter cried a strange warning and burst into flames.

The two men have nothing in common - Tucker is a white man from the suburbs. Waites is a black street hustler trying to go straight. But they are brothers in the same cause. If Tucker and Waites can resolve their differences long enough to work together, they can defeat an ancient evil. Between them they have the skills and the knowledge to break an ancient cycle of supernatural predation, and save the lives of a generation of children.

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They're like the Winchesters except not related and different races and with military and hacking knowledge and okay they're not really like them at all except for the supernatural and incendiary woman.

That does sound cool, though. I await your review!

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They're like Eliot and Hardison from Leverage, if Eliot could ever be a family man.

I need a Leverage icon...

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You know, the next Show Everyone Keeps Talking About that was I considering getting into was Mad Men, but Leverage sounds way more fun.
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"Fun" is totally not at all even a little bit the right word for Mad Men. It's awesome and gorgeous and brilliant and I love it to itty bitty pieces. But it will make you want to slit your wrists. Approximately six times per episode.

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That sounds DELIGHTFUL. My wrists have felt a little unslit lately.

I'm mainlining Twin Peaks right now. Haven't decided what I'm watching next. Oh right, I think I was considering giving Torchwood a second try.

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Oh, Mad Men is better, I'm sure, even though I've only seen one ep.

But Leverage is great fun with fun characterisation. TNT's rerunning a bunch of eps the 13th and 14th.

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Mmm. I read several of his other books (Lion's Blood, Zulu Heart, an African one, and Iron Shadows) and they were all fabulous.

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I really liked the Aubrey Knight series and, if memory serves, Blood Brothers was pretty good, too.

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I wonder where the slash is?

Obviously, there would have to be some.

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*is bewildered* What is the world coming to? Is there no more love for the Buddy Bromance?

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Is there no more love for the Buddy Bromance?

I don't know. It makes me sad that there isn't more bromance on the menu.
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I just finished re-reading Blood Brothers (by chance, I'm rereading most of the Steve Barnes books I have in my collection, so you're in luck).

I do like it - I think Barnes has some interesting things to say about race and class, some of which makes me wince, some of which makes me think. Also family and history; slave history figures prominently and it's important to the story. At the very least, I always want to stay engaged just to see where he's going.

Barnes is also a martial artist and that informs a lot of his work. He talks a lot about body/mind connections, the potential contained within the human body and the wholeness needed to be a complete person. Definitely a YMMV sort of situation but worth thinking about.

Here's a quick rundown on the Steve Barnes books I've read:

1) Streetlethal, 2) Gorgon Child and 3)Firedance (the Aubry Knight books) - I reread these whenever I need action packed, hormone driven adventure. There are some problematic spots (sexuality in particular) but not enough for me completely pass it by.

Charisma - I *love* this book. Long range conspiracy involving kids who've been unknowingly influenced by a man who wanted to be immortal. Read this.

Iron Shadows - I haven't reread this one in a while so I can't give a rundown on this one.

Lion's Blood and Zulu Heart - Islam rises in the West instead of Christianity. Very startling world building.

Far Beyond the Stars - the novelization of the DS9 episode of the same name. It's a first rate novelization and adds so much nuance to the episode itself. Also worth it for Barnes' forward where he talks about being a Black kid into sci-fi. (and I'm kicking myself because I can't find my copy. Grrr.)

I haven't read his newest, Great Sky Woman but it's out in paper so I'll try and pick it up.

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Awesome, thank you so much! I love martial arts, so that's a huge plus. (I've met him too. He's a great guy.)
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I think I had to read that a couple times to grasp that, yes, it truly meant that she, uh, BURST INTO FLAMES.

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