These are preliminary notes. I have only read the first three volumes, so please do not spoil me.

Gorgeous, gorgeous art and bishounen Cesare Borgia would probably be enough to addict me to this awesome quasi-historical manga; however, it also has accurate historical details interspersed with actual historical myths presented as facts, or at least I think it was a real legend that Cesare Borgia's father sold his son's soul to Satan so he (Borgia Senior) could become Pope. Oh, and it has an evil Pope! And Niccolo Machiavelli as a talking moth with a human head, or, as I like to call him, Mothiavelli.

And that's not all! There is incestuous longing between Cesare and his angelic blonde sister Lucrezia! (Yes, that Lucrezia Borgia.) Cesare's blood is a deadly poison! He has an extremely slashy relationship with the extremely pretty and surprisingly sweet boy Chiaro, who has a possibly magic mask which turns him into the deadly assassin Michelotto! Double-crossing, poisons, assassinations, and demonic magic abounds!

...Cesare's dead mother has been turned into a deadly zombie demon assassin, and he's about to go to Hell to meet Satan. Unless I misinterpreted something, which is always possible.

Really, there are not enough exclamation points for this series. And I'm told that it gets even better.

Click here to buy it from Amazon: Cantarella Volume 1 (Cantarella (Graphic Novel)) (v. 1)

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Oh, the manga that began my downfall into Gothic Shoujo Crack!

That is not Cesare's mother, but Vanozza, Cesare's stepmother-except-for-the-whole-bit-where-neither-woman-was-married-to-pops-what-with-his-being-a-priest-and-all, who is the mother of Lucrezia and Sir Whines A Lot.

I am 99.999% certain that the mask is not magical. It just kinda works like Clark Kent's glasses. I clearly need to reread this.

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I am 99.999% certain that the mask is not magical. It just kinda works like Clark Kent's glasses.

That was my impression. I need to start reading it again, it's so damn good.

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Clark Kent's glasses

I seem to recall reading that there was at least one issue of Superman where Clark's glasses actually had special powers.

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OH YEAH, it gets MUCH MUCH BETTER (or much much worse, depending on your threshold for angst and developments that are inconsistent with genre but consistent with the mangaka).

Did you know, Higuri You also has a series on the tragically mad King of Bavaria ( as well as his nephew, just as tragic: Prince Rudolph (,_Crown_Prince_of_Austria). Both of those fall just a smidge closer to BL than Cantarella (which is quite BL as it already).
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Oh, it gets SO MUCH BETTER! And it is Gothic Shoujo Crack without heaps of misogyny, which is always nice!

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...Oh my god. I had no idea that series was on that much crack. I think the part that's breaking my brain most is "Machiavelli is a moth with a human head."


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I would think I would remember Mothiavelli! I, I would hope that I would...

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And not a bishounen moth-man, either! He is a very realistic and gross moth with a larva-like body and six crawly legs, plus a human head.

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And Niccolo Machiavelli as a talking moth with a human head, or, as I like to call him, Mothiavelli.

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I'm sure I told you about this before?

That's only the tip of the iceberg!

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If you liked...

Yes, Cantarella becomes even more so of what it's been so far (and then some), so you should enjoy volumes 4-10 a lot.

You Higuri also drew Crown, written by Shinji Wada, and the first volume is out in English and has a very sweet extra in which each of them explains how excited they are to be working with the other. Speaking of excited to be working with, its the story of two super-mercenaries who become bodyguards for a psychic schoolgirl. Wada-sensei: "The moment i learned Higuri-sensei would be my partner in the Crown manga... I could feel its future going in the direction of a manga pivotally centered around hot guys." Volume 2 will be out March 15th.

Higuri-sensei also has out in English the history-based (well, inspired maybe) one-shot Angel's Coffin: "Seto is a former god imprisoned by a demon, bound to bring misery and misfortune to whomever releases him from his prison. Marie is the daughter of an aristocrat, hopelessly in love with one far above her station. When she unwittingly breaks the seal binding Seto ..."

And an older series, Seimaden, about a beautiful dancing girl and a demon prince.

And a yaoi series, Gorgeous Carat: Virtue of Darkness in which two hot guys team up to recover the family jewels in turn of the century Paris. Something like that. I haven't read this one.

Conveniently, Amazon has Seimaden and Gorgeous Caret as part of its 4-for-3 sale.

Also available in the 4-for-3 sale is Land of the Blindfolded, not by Higuri-sensei, but by Sakura Tsukuba. It's an excellent 9-volume series about a psychic schoolgirl who can see the future and two hot psychic guys, although it's nowhere near as over the top as Cantarella.
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Re: If you liked...

I confess I would never have thought to put Cantarella and Land of the Blindfolded together. Possibly because I don't see the latter as at all over the top -- its understatedness is a large part of its appeal to me.

(I want to rip off borrow the premise of LotB for a YA novel. Because it rocks as a YA premiss.)


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The incest between Cesare and Lucrezia was dirty gossip at the time. She had at least one child, "The Child of Rome", for whom the parentage was never disclosed and the dates fit.

Obvs, dirty gossip, not established historical fact.

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