But if you're one of the people who has no idea what everyone's talking about, journalfen has a summary which is very short and includes links to more comprehensive summaries.

One of the qualities that I most value in a friend is the willingness to tell me when they think I'm wrong, whether about my beliefs or my boyfriends or my conviction that the story we're co-writing should go my way instead of their way.

I can't guarantee that I'll do what they say. I can't guarantee that I won't have a knee-jerk defensive reaction. But I will try to consider, once I recover from the knee-jerk defensiveness that hopefully I won't be rash enough to put online, that they might be right.

For the record, I would much rather have people tell me I'm making an ass of myself than let me continue in ignorance or leap to my defense solely because I'm a friend, and thus end up hurting people and having the entire internet hate me.

Courtesy is good, but honesty is better. And true courtesy, like true kindness, is built on a foundation of honesty, respect, and a genuine attempt to see the other person's point of view.

I totally agree with this post.

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I think with the right amount of honestly and respect, Race Fail ’09 wouldn’t have become the two month plus event it has. No one is asking anyone to be prefect. I know I’ll make mistakes, maybe even get defensive, but I’d hope my friend with kick mew in the butt and say “Hey, you, what are ya thinking?” so I can get back on the right track.

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Having seen this phrase before, but being utterly in the dark, I was somehow reading it as RaceRail 90000 and thought it was some contest for those who travelled by train, or possibly wrote about travelling by train in the very distant future...
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(Caveat: I do not consider personal attacks ever under the umbrella of honesty.)

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