But if you're one of the people who has no idea what everyone's talking about, journalfen has a summary which is very short and includes links to more comprehensive summaries.

One of the qualities that I most value in a friend is the willingness to tell me when they think I'm wrong, whether about my beliefs or my boyfriends or my conviction that the story we're co-writing should go my way instead of their way.

I can't guarantee that I'll do what they say. I can't guarantee that I won't have a knee-jerk defensive reaction. But I will try to consider, once I recover from the knee-jerk defensiveness that hopefully I won't be rash enough to put online, that they might be right.

For the record, I would much rather have people tell me I'm making an ass of myself than let me continue in ignorance or leap to my defense solely because I'm a friend, and thus end up hurting people and having the entire internet hate me.

Courtesy is good, but honesty is better. And true courtesy, like true kindness, is built on a foundation of honesty, respect, and a genuine attempt to see the other person's point of view.

I totally agree with this post.
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