Yesterday Oyce and I drove to Torrance for the excellent Korean fried chicken at Kyochon, and it was... closed! OH NOES! Seriously, I am baffled by this. It's a popular chain and certainly seemed busy every time we were there before.

So we drove to Sue's Kitcher, a Chinese place, and got fried fish (best eaten on the spot, not as take-out, I now realize), noodles, scallion pancakes, and various sides of greens, pickles, tea eggs, mabo tofu, etc. Very good. We will have leftovers for lunch today.

While eating, we watched Top Chef Masters, the episode which introduces bad-ass chef Anita Lo, she of the infinite range of dour expressions. She made truffled eggs in the half-shell with one hand tied behind her back - literally! She made steak tartare enclosed in a braised daikon atop a seascape with wave noises! She chopped onions at lightning speed without looking down and while carrying on a conversation! The other three chefs occasionally glanced at her with the expressions of gunslingers in the presence of the Man With No Name.

When she said, "Hmmm," Oyce pointed out that if you gave her glasses, a gender-switch, and slightly longer hair, she would be Jin from Samurai Champloo. Oyce then noticed that her chef's top was actually a gi!

We then went to Clementine for afternoon tea, featuring delicious tea sandwiches (gravlax, turkey with sun-dried tomatoes, egg salad, and cucumber) and currant scones with clotted cream and extraordinary, spoon-licking homemade soft strawberry preserves. Due to Sue's Kitchen, we have leftovers (not of the cream or jam).

And then! We met up with [personal profile] yhlee and her lizard (child), and took them to dinner. I kind of liked Sue's Kitchen better, but was thrilled with free surprise soup dumplings, even if they were not up to Din Tai Fung standards. The lizard, even more surprisingly, was also thrilled with the dumplings and ate three. While driving back, the lizard happily murmured about "Legendary Flamingo," which ought to be a shounen attack. "Lengendary Flamingo! Engage!"

And THEN, Oyce and I watched the first episode of Project Runway ever! She had never seen first season (so please don't spoil her.) We were delighted by Austin Scarlet, who seemed to have escaped from From Eroica With Love. (By the way, that must take incredible courage for a guy that age to have already constructed a persona like that - even in New York City.) We also want to know how he gets his hair to do that.

Also, we boggled at Heidi Klum in a KISS T-shirt and models in jeans, and were appalled by Wendy Pepper's candy bikini and other horrors, like a five-minute shower curtain dress. And also how everyone kept ignoring Tim Gunn! We hope they will soon appreciate his awesomeness.
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