Thank you very much, everyone! Wow, Americans are neurotic when it comes to refrigerating stuff.

Come to think of it, I ate tons of eggs in India and we only had a refrigerator the last year I was there, so unless they were coming straight from the hen they were sitting around at some point, and in extremely high heat too. Though maybe they did come straight from the hen. They were so much better than any American egg I have ever had, by the way, even the best organic supposedly-free-range ones: bright orange yolks and an intensity of flavor never found here. Woes. But that wasn't because they weren't refrigerated, it was because the hens ran around and ate bugs and scraps and stuff.

I made shortbread with the butter. Pro: texture is fantastic. Con: I reduced the sugar because normally recipes contain too much for my taste, and... they're not sweet enough. Very buttery, but a little bland.

What can I do? I have a lot of shortbread, and I'm not sure the neighbor's teenage son would like it as is. (I normally give him my excess baked goods. He is fifteen and growing.) Should I spread jam on it? Sprinkle it with powdered sugar? Spread icing on it? Bueller?
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