Spoilers for the latest episode.

Alas, poor Susan Feniger. I've met her at her restaurant, and she is exactly like she was on the show.

After she was dismissed for her celebrated kaya toast (a Singapore dish), I went to read the blogs of the judges, assuming that there was some problem in execution. No: they genuinely felt that a "sandwich" or, as Gael Greene dismissively put it, "toast and jelly" was a joke at this stage of the competition.

Well... all I can say is, I've had her kaya toast, and, not to oversell, but it was one of the single best things I've ever put in my mouth. The party I was with was so taken with it that we ordered it again at the same meal, as "dessert."

So yeah, it's simple: perfectly toasted bread spread with home made coconut "jam," with a nicely dressed green salad on the side and a perfectly fried egg drizzled in soy sauce to dip it in. Simple but perfect. I wish I had a plate of it right now.
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