Cut for images of pastries, cheese, the Seine by night, and some very unhappy tourists. Most of these were taken by my mom.

The Seine by night.

I strike an odd pose at the Seine.

A traditional cheese shop.

I huddle in a babushka.

Versailles. You can't tell, but it's freezing cold and pouring rain.

The tourists at Versailles do not actually wish to march through the gardens in the wet and cold.

Neither does the tour guide, who is not even wearing stockings and is very tired of hearing, "Is that a long walk?"

Exit tour guide, stage left.

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Neither does the tour guide, who is not even wearing stockings and is very tired of hearing, "Is that a long walk?"

Maybe it's just me, but I thought it was kinda obvious after the first view of Versailles that the answer to that question will ALWAYS be "yes." The place is friggin' huge. I would not have been a servant there for anything.

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Shallow comment here, but Rachel, that picture of you in the babushka is gorgeous! You look absolutely stunning, that red is clearly your colour.

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Hahaha. I love how cranky the tourists look in that Versaille photo, especially the lady with the fierce eyebrows on far right.

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And the tour guide looks like she's in an episode of Fawlty Towers!

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You look very sophisticated in that second shot.

I feel sorry for the tour guide.
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I agree on the babushka colour

The one thing I question is how that tourist in the middle with the sandals thought walking around Versailles would work... from what I remember the tour inside the chateau takes long enough.
And she remembered to bring an umbrella, so she must have had some inkling the weather might be bad, but she still wears gold sandals...

Also - that stage left exit of the tour guide, was that her saying "suit yourself, do the rest of the tour on your own" or what? ^^

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I have to say that Versailles is my least favorite tourist junket in France. But mostly because so many of the others are so great, including La Tour Eiffel.

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Oh, that poor tour guide looks completely miserable!

You look great in the babushka.

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