Note: If you recognize this novel, please don't name it, as that would be spoilery.

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If you're in any fictive place and plan to get married and settle down once the mission is over, you ought to know better than to tell anyone.

I mean, I'd bet there's a TvTrope for how that guy always dies.

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While the pet will either die for no good reason or not die even though there is plenty of good reason. (You do know the trope Death by Newbery, right?)

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I was going to say, All of the above if it wins a Newbery Medal.

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Hah! I'm turning in a book tonight and I still managed to visit into TVTropes and come out in time! :-)

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There is a TVTrope for it, in fact! Subsumed under the he-was-just-a-week-from-retirement cop show trope, and thus called 'retirony.'

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