I am supposed to keep a dream journal this quarter. First dream of the quarter below the cut.

I had moved to another city to attend Antioch, and was living in a new apartment complex with the same neighbors I have here. I had finished my first quarter of school without ever exploring the city, and went out to drive around.

Before I could get to the parking lot, I noticed that there were a bunch of cages on a balcony, filled with small pets. I went to look, and asked if the people there, who seemed to be selling the pets, had a rat. They suggested that I might prefer a rabbit. I knew that I really wanted a rat, and also the rabbits, though cute, seemed overpriced at $40 each. But I opened a cage to pet a soft gray rabbit. It immediately leaped out. I started chasing it, but stopped when it jumped on to the balcony rails and began walking it like a tightrope. I covered my eyes, certain that it would fall to its death, but it finally hopped off. I crammed it back into the cage.

I then noticed a rat cage. I opened the door to take out a rat, and every rat in the cage immediately poured out. There was now a large dog and a tabby cat loose on the balcony. Sure the rats would all get eaten, I began grabbing them in soft, warm, slippery handfuls (this part of the dream was very tactile, complete with the feeling of their musculature moving under the skin) and putting them on my head and shoulders for safety. I managed to stash all the rats on my person, except for one which was eaten by the dog, and replaced them in their cage.

A man said, "We have a mission that you might be right for. It involves a pure white kitten which we're going to claim is a rare breed, some gold, some danger including the chance of getting killed, and the opportunity to put one over on Hitler. Are you interested?"

Thrilled with their confidence in me, though also confused by it given that I had released both the rabbit and the rats, and excited by the opportunity, I immediately said, "I'm in!"

I should add that the entire thing was modern day, but when he mentioned Hitler, I understood without surprise or a sense of anachronism that it was actually 1940.

If anyone wants to try analyzing this dream, go for it. I got nothing other than that I recently hung out with a friend who has pet rats, and we watched two movies involving WWII. And that the mission sounds like something out of Donald Westlake.
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