Attendees at the Tribeca Film Festival—especially those with an abiding interest in what we’re just going to go ahead and call “dad culture”—got a real treat this weekend, when Bruce Springsteen sat down for an hour-long, in-depth interview with America’s most beloved celebrity typewriter collector, Tom Hanks. Hanks, an avowed Springsteen fan, joked and questioned his way through most of the legendary rocker’s career, challenging the audience to complete The Boss’ lyrics, and having a laid-back chat about the perils of tax evasion.

That last part had its roots in a period from the mid-’70s, when Springsteen—who joked that he “never met anyone in New Jersey who paid their taxes”—was targeted by the IRS. The end result was that he was largely broke by the time he turned 30, with all the money from his tours and albums in the late ’70s ...

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 I found this awesome page describing the needs of introverts in the office and showcasing various facilities for their use.
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I aten't dead...

But my cell. phone fell out of my pocket on the train to work yesterday. I got in touch with the person who picked it up, and they said they'd hand it to one of the conductors, who in turn could drop it off at the Lost&Found at North Station.

What I had failed to reckon with was that the Lost&Found is not open on Saturdays.


Well, get up early on Monday and pick it up then, I guess...
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Posted by Michelle Smith

By Masaya Tsunamoto and Tsujitomo | Published digitally by Kodansha Comics

Although I genuinely, deeply love shounen sports manga, I can’t deny that most follow similar story beats. I knew going in that Giant Killing is actually seinen, but wasn’t prepared for what a breath of fresh air it would be.

Instead of some first-year joining his high-school team, the protagonist of Giant Killing is Takeshi Tatsumi, a 35-year-old former pro soccer player turned coach. The series opens with Yuri Nagata and Kosei Gotou, the PR rep and general manager of East Tokyo United (a struggling Japanese team) finally locating Tatsumi at his job in England, where has led a team of amateurs to a top-32 finish in the Football Association Cup. They have even managed to crush professional teams.

It turns out that Tatsumi specializes in leading underdog teams to victory against highly favored opponents. He sees it as a David-and-Goliath scenario, hence the title of the series. Initially, the English club president doesn’t want to let Tatsumi out of his contract, but when he learns that Tatsumi used to play for ETU and that there are desperate fans in his hometown waiting to be helped, he relents and lets him go.

Tatsumi doesn’t seem to particularly care either way and it’s this neutrality that makes him an interesting character and effective coach. For instance, at his first practice session with the ETU team, he makes them run sprints for 45 minutes. Those with the most stamina turn out to be the younger guys, but they’re also merely the alternates on the team. With his guidance, they manage to defeat the older starters in a scrimmage. The stalwart veteran of the team, Murakoshi, gets his pride wounded by this, but rather than suggest that he’s no longer useful, Tatsumi instead points out that what he needs is to find his own secret weapon to overcome these odds. Tatsumi is adept at seeing a team or an individual’s shortcomings and offering strategies to overcome them, and that’s the kind of reliable leadership that Murakoshi has done without all these years.

On the one hand, Tatsumi exemplifies the gifted protagonist that this genre is full of, but his gift is not in his own athletic prowess (or not merely that) but rather his ability to furnish others with the tools they need to succeed, to reinvigorate failing franchises, and to rekindle fan enthusiasm. And, of course, the clubs don’t mind the boost in revenue that inevitably results. Giant Killing is every bit as addictive as a shounen series, but with grown-up stakes and nuance. I can’t wait to read more!

Giant Killing is ongoing in Japan, where the 43 volumes have been released so far.

Review copy provided by the publisher.

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For the lovely month of May :)

There is a fanfic out there somewhere which inspired this.  I only wish I could remember who wrote it; it was a charming fairy tale.  :) 

Sam offers Frodo a primrose

Nintendo’s 2DS has always felt like a weird compromise of a system, a slightly sheepish acknowledgement that the titular third-dimensionsality of the company’s current handheld, the 3DS, was more of a gimmick than anything else. Now, the console developer is doubling down on its duo-dimensional budget system, announcing The New Nintendo 2DS XL.

As its name suggests, the system is the non-3D version of the upgraded New Nintendo 3DS XL, offering increased processing power, access to exclusive games (including, presumably, Super Nintendo Virtual Console titles), and larger screens, amidst other new features and tricks. Also, it has the now-traditional clamshell design, meaning 2DS users no longer have to carry around a bulky tablet if they want to game on the go. Most importantly, it’ll retail for $150—a hefty bump over what the original 2DS cost at launch, but $50 less than what Nintendo is charging for ...

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Today is gray and damp, but not raining at the moment.  We took advantage of not-raining-right-now, so Doug raked the last part of the old raspberry patch and I put down grass and clover seed. 
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So for the 3 Weeks for Dreamwidth fest, I have stated in two places that I am going to try kicking out an actual paragraph a day, said paragraph to be longer than one line/sentence. If anyone has a topic they'd like me to explore, please leave a comment!

Thousands of people are out on the streets of Washington D.C. (and other cities) again today, this time for the People’s Climate March, the latest in a steadily increasing number of liberal activist protests that have sprung up in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. Per its name, the Climate March is all about raising awareness of the reality of climate change, and to protest Trump’s policies and assertions that the phenomenon is simply the invention of evil scientists who want us to all be enslaved by high-tech Chinese factory robots and their terrible, emissions-indifferent claws. And while plenty of people are lending their support to the March—either by getting out there on foot, or posting their love via social media—the Environmental Protection Agency has put its own fun twist on celebrating the event: hiding and obscuring the “climate change” page that’s ...

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It should make this long shift seem much shorter.
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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today, and overall it was fun, though it did hit my embarrassment squick a couple of times. And as in the first part, Marvel's space mythology and setting is confusing.

Also it's not like I especially needed another daddy issues story. It's not that I dislike them as such, but more variety for the heroes' issues would be nice.

BTW, has this opened in the US this week too? I haven't seen any posts about it.

Ridley Scott launched his career with a movie about a superior alien species going to town on some poor, largely helpless humans. So it’s not entirely surprising to learn that, not only does the celebrated director—currently making the press rounds for his latest Alien movie, Covenant—think that life on other worlds is “certainly likely,” but that if they ever show up on Earth, humanity is going to get creamed.

“The experts have now put a number on it having assessed what is out there,” Scott recently told Sky News. “They say that there are between 100 and 200 entities that could be having a similar evolution to us right now. So when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it. Because they are a lot smarter than we are, and if you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in ...

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I've signed up for Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon for the first time! Huzzah! I've been wanting to try this for ages. Obviously I'm not doing the full 24 hours, and I probably won't read the whole rest of the day... but I'm going to sit down and not worry about anything else for at least a few hours, just reading.

First up: continuing Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. Interesting thoughts so far on how "deliberate rest" is just as important as deliberate practice for accomplishment and creativity. If I get tired of this, I'll continue working on Les Miserables, and I have plenty more books lined up if I should finish one of those!

I'll edit this post if I feel like adding any thoughts. I will definitely do some posting on Litsy (I'm Clare-Dragonfly there) and possibly on Twitter (I'm clarekrmiller). Off to read!

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